What I Wore: To A Concert

What I Wore: To A Concert

tank: lucky brand (similar), jeans: target, sandals: nine west (similar), sunglasses: ray-ban

Summer is on the horizon (even though it barely feels like it in New Jersey) and that means summer concerts! I try to go to at least one concert every summer at one of the many outdoor venues in and around Philly and New York. There's something about a summer concert: sitting outside, watching the sun go down, the summer breeze, and cold drinks. It's a great way to spend a summer evening.

I got started early this year with a concert at Philly's Mann Center in Fairmount Park last weekend. I finally got to see the Avett Brothers in concert, something I've been dying to do for awhile. Being so early in the season, it was not the perfect summer concert experience; by the end of the night I was bundled up with a sweater and raincoat and an old pair of Toms to navigate the muddy parking lot. But seeing the Avett Brothers was the perfect concert experience. It was packed, they got everyone buzzing, and they played all my favorite songs. It was amazing when the lights panned out over the crowd to watch everyone swaying together and hear the song's belted out along with band.

Despite this being a decidedly different summer concert (read: cold), the beginning of the day was beautiful and I was able to rock some of my favorite concert gear. A concert is not a place to wear your nicest clothes, unless you're going to an actual concert hall. So what do you wear?

  1. A comfortable cotton tee. Whether you're wearing the band tee (which my husband swears is a big no-no) or a favorite graphic tee, your goal is to be comfortable. There is no reason to go button down or blouse.
  2. Or if you want to be a little "fancier", a cute cotton dress. I'll admit that I perused some "what to wear to Coachella" lists and at the top is always a simple dress in a rainbow of colors. As it gets later in the summer, a simple cotton dress is your best friend. You'll look festival ready and comfortable instead of sweaty.
  3. Grab a pair of sturdy shoes. Now is not the time for stilettos. Even if it's the nicest venue, you'll need to traipse around a bit, whether over pavement or most likely grass. I've gotten bogged down by mud or tripped through trash in lesser venues and it's not pretty. You can always opt for a chunkier heeled sandal if you need a little lift. But the most important thing of all is you need to be able to dance in those shoes!
  4. Pack a few layers early in the season to wear. And pack a layer just in case later in the season. The Avett Brothers concert wouldn't have been so comfortable if I was freezing. I've also needed to use a layer a seat cushion or for extra padding when we've got lawn seats. Layers will never fail you!
  5. But most of all, be comfortable. Whatever you wear, comfort is more important than chic. You're there for concert and to dance and to see something that most likely you'll never see again. Enjoy yourself, no matter what you wear!

Need more help getting the perfect concert ready look?