Wearing: That One Little Skirt

Wearing: That One Little Skirt Wearing: That One Little Skirt

Wearing: That One Little Skirt

skirt: target, shirt: gap, heels: moda (similar), necklace: madewell, sunglasses: warby parker

Sometimes when you go shopping, you're instantly attracted to something on the rack (hopefully that's not just me...). While wandering through Target, a very dangerous activity, this skirt was just innocently hanging out on the rack and I had to have it. The print, the fringe, the colors: all of it makes it that one little skirt that I had to add to my collection.

This one little skirt is such a standout that making it work on a daily basis can be tricky. Many of my clothes have to do double duty between work and weekend and that's especially true for skirts. This skirt is shorter than usual which is another challenge. But when you're in love, you make things work.

To make it work for work, the skirt becomes the center piece. The plain black tee draws your attention to the fun pattern and little fringe. The plain tee also makes sure that the whole outfit is not too "fashion forward" which may be okay in more creative settings but in a conservative workplace, you'll want to blend in a bit more. The place I like to put a little bit of personality in with my outfits is accessories. This Madewell necklace plays up that graphic pattern and keeps that black tee from being super boring. As for footwear, these heels are my absolute favorite but are not what I'd usually wear for work. A plain pair of pointed flats will make the whole look effortlessly chic.

Whether you're wearing that one little skirt to work or on the weekend, it's all about being comfortable. I used to hate trying on mini skirts. It was knee length or nothing! I still love how simple and elegant a knee length skirt can be but there's no denying that a mini skirt just has its own personality. And with the warm weather coming, it's time to show off a little personality.

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