What I Wore: To a Bachelorette Party

Wedding season is in full swing. Not a weekend goes by without being at a wedding event or seeing a wedding or bridal event of an acquaintance on Facebook or Instagram. In one of my last What I Wore posts I shared what you can wear to a bridal shower. Now for the good one: what to wear to a bachelorette party. what-i-wore-bachelorette-party

top: f21 (similar), jeans: f21 + diy ripped jeans tutorial (black jeans here), heels: moda (similar), sunglasses: warby parker

Bachelorette parties are the definite favorite in the rundown of bridal events. There's almost always booze, it's a night out, and the guest list is exclusive so no great aunts or crazy second cousins hanging around. The best part about bachelorette parties is there are so many different things you can do. From a weekend getaway to a night on the town to a cozy sleepover to your classic Las Vegas blowout bash, the sky (or the bridal party's budget) is the limit! Once the maid of honor or whoever is in charge of the soiree sends out the itinerary, your next priority is what to wear.

The above outfit was what I wore to a Philly bachelorette party at the beginning of May. Since I helped plan the bachelorette weekend, I knew exactly what the weekend entailed. It was an easy casual Saturday day and night on the town. We started our day with a delicious brunch at Standard Tap (underneath their rotating disco ball), grabbed cocktails all over town, devoured enchiladas at El Rey, and then danced the night away to the greatest hits of the 2000s at a dive bar. I love dressing up as much as the next girl but there's something to be said for being comfortable as well as fancy.

Stumped on what to wear to an upcoming bachelorette party? Whether it's fancy or casual, here are some tried and true tips for rocking the party look.

  1. Know what you're going to be doing. The maid of honor should give the guests an idea of what you'll be up to so you can plan ahead. If you're spending the weekend at the bride's family's beach house, you'll probably want a flowing sundress or a tropical maxi dress. If you're going to be in the city, make sure you pack the most comfortable pair of high heels you own.
  2. It's more important to be comfortable than to look hot. Comfort is king when it comes to the bachelorette party. Sure you want to look great but you do not want to be the girl who is hobbling behind the rest or, worse yet, walks barefoot on grimy city sidewalks. You can still look hot and feel great wearing something that is comfortable.
  3. When in doubt, sparkle. At most other bridal events, you play it down when it comes to sparkle and shine. That's because you're going to save it for the bachelorette party. Sparkle with a big statement necklace or earrings, embellishments all over, or a pair of glittery heels.
  4. The little black dress is a lifesaver. There is never anything wrong with packing your favorite LBD and calling it a day. You won't look out of place at a bar or a club and you're guaranteed to not clash with the bride who will probably be wearing white. So find your signature black cocktail dress and never worry about another bachelorette party again.

Bachelorette parties are awesome in so many ways but most of all in the fact that they are little girl birthday parties for big girls. What I mean is that when was the last time a grown woman wears a white mini dress and a sparkling tiara? When did you last go to a themed party with all your closest girlfriends? Get a little crazy with your clothes and don't be afraid to go all out while helping your best girl friend celebrate her last days as a single lady.