Keeping Cool and Stylish As Temperatures Rise

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining with all its might, and dreams of popsicles and pool days flood our brains as we step outside in the blazing heat just trying to stay cool. As a result, a lot of fashion lovers lose their motivation to look cute during the summertime because of the intense heat. It can be really difficult sometimes to find outfits that are stylish but also don’t make you sweat too much. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! There are plenty of ways to look cool even in the hottest of temperatures. You just need to know which clothing items are made to help you in these moments of extreme heat and which ones are not the best for these occasions. There are some quick and easy tips to keep in mind that will help you put together all kinds of hot-weather outfits that are much more than a mere swimsuit and cover-up—after all, you can’t go to the pool or hit the beach everyday!

So if you’re looking for some fresh ways to make your wardrobe work for the sultry summertime, look no further. Here is some of the best advice I can offer for making your style both fashionable and functional as the temps rise.

Keeping Cool and Fashionable When Temperatures Rise

Know your materials

One of the most important parts about dressing for comfort in the summer is knowing which fabrics will work for you and not against you. For example, a suede top is a sweaty mess waiting to happen. Some of the best summer fabrics are linen, cotton, and seersucker, among others listed here.

Easy, breezy beauty

Nobody likes putting on a full face of makeup only to have it feel like it’s melting off within minutes of stepping outside. Skip the long makeup routine and opt for a more au natural look for a fresh-faced appearance that won’t make you feel gross if you start to sweat a little (it’s inevitable, after all). Try a BB cream or light concealer if you need a little coverage. Also, twist your hair into trendy braids or a pretty high pony to keep your locks off your neck.

Layer with purpose

Some people think they can’t layer in the summertime, and that’s where they’re wrong. If you layer correctly, you won’t feel too hot at all. The key is to balance out crop tops and thin shirts with lightweight jackets like the belted "robe jacket" described here. The point is to keep it casual and play with proportions—don’t suffocate yourself in anything too tight or dark-colored.

Accessorize accordingly

Last but not least, get some use out of the accessories that will give you shade from the sun’s rays. Explained here, a straw hat and a hankie are two items that will come in handy when you need a break from the sun and a quick forehead dab when things get a little too toasty. Never underestimate the power of accessories!