Build a Professional Wardrobe Like a Boss

Whether you dream of having a corner office in a corporate high rise or running an empire from your cluttered desk, you've got to start somewhere in the professional working world. Besides having the skills to be boss, you've got to look like the boss. Why? Because studies show that people are more likely to trust those who dress well. If you're going to make it to the top, you've got to look the part. Think you don't need a professional wardrobe? Think it's too expensive? Having a dedicated professional wardrobe means you never have to think about what to wear to work. Not wearing your work clothes all weekend will mean less wear and tear. When you build a professional wardrobe, you're investing in yourself and your career. To others around you it will look like you're taking your career seriously. It will also help you feel a bit more serious about yourself.

Starting a new career? Feel like your work clothes just aren't making the cut? Revamp your professional wardrobe with the basics. Because even though you may be ready to be the boss, you need to show everyone who's boss.

In the age of Mad Men, everybody knew what to wear. Even the always sexy Joan knew what dress to wear to rise to the top. Most workplaces today are less formal so the struggle is real to have a look that says boss lady. But, when you break it down, there are few basic pieces that will help you build a professional wardrobe like a boss.

Let's start from the top, shall we?

You need three types of tops: plain button down, a stylish blouse, and a solid cotton top.

Never underestimate the power of the button down. It's been a professional wardrobe staple for years and it goes well with everything. This should go without saying but make sure it's cut for a woman. It will be slimmer throughout the waist and flattering to your figure.