Wearing: Feeling Fall Fresh With A Remix

Didn't September come in just as quiet as can be?!? Scheduling ahead was tough until I flipped over the calendar. Now August, you came in like a lion and went out like a whirlwind. I'm only a little sad to see it go. Whew, here's to a fresh new month! I wish I could say that I've got great plans for this Labor Day weekend and first September weekend. Unfortunately, due to the impending hurricane rains, I'll be hunkering down inside and watching lots of Netflix. Not a bad way to start a fresh new month in my opinion! September's going to be a great month but that doesn't mean I'm not a little bit sad. Summer will always be my favorite season. There's probably one more beach trip to squeeze in and we're going to have to cut back on visits to the ice cream shop. The one thing I can't quit? My summer staples. Because I love carrying over favorite old pieces to fresh new seasons, I've learned to love and rely on the remix.

Wearing: Fall Fresh with a Remix

Wearing: Fall Fresh with a Remix

Wearing: Fall Fresh with a Remix

top: nordstrom, skirt: j.crew factory, sandals: j.crew factory (on super sale!), sunglasses: warby parker, necklace: j.crew (similar)

This top from Nordstrom is a must buy. It goes with everything: skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings. I've worn it a million different ways and am about to buy another one (yes, I know I said I was just going to remix but...). Simple pieces like this loose v-neck are staples that I don't mind spending a little extra for. Though it's under $30 so you're not going to break the bank. Now I'm not going to lie and say that it was love at first sight with this skirt. I'm a basic girl and sometimes hesitate to buy prints. What made me scoop this J.Crew Factory skirt up was how subtle the print is. It's just enough to grab your attention but can go with just about everything in my closet. Plus the green and cream color combo is one of my favorites. It's good to know what you love!

You don't need to grab a ton of new pieces when you know how to remix the right way. My number one rule for carrying clothes from one season to another is color. Certain colors evoke certain seasons. Doesn't this army green top say fall? It worked for summer when I paired it with my bright white shorts and now for fall, I've got it going with prints. I'll probably pop it over black jeans under a jean jacket as the weather cools down.

What ways are you carrying your summer clothes into the fall? I'd love to see!

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