Four Favorite Fall Pieces To Break Out of Your Closet

You probably know by now that shopping is one of my favorite activities. Finding new pieces to style and mix gets me giddy. You too? Awesome! Budget has become your new middle name. Please tell me I'm not alone? Torture is receiving those sale e-mails every single day in your inbox. Rather than give in and add some new, I recently ducked into my closet to "shop" and re-discover my favorite fall pieces. They're my perennial favorites and what I can't wait to wear, as soon as this ndian summer leaves us!

A light cotton sweater

Favorite Fall Style

What could be more "fall" than a sweater? For the slightly chilly, sunny weather we get during a typical Northeastern fall, a cotton sweater, preferably in a delicious cream, is my go-to. I'm dreaming of layering this cotton weave sweater with a lacy long tunic or my favorite stripes. During this year's Nordstrom sale I picked up an open-back Free People sweater in a deep wine color that I cannot wait wear soon. A nice open knit in the perfect color for the win when it comes to favorite fall pieces. Bring on that sweater weather.

Add a cotton sweater to your fall wardrobe:

Comfy boyfriend jeans

Like a Fall Afternoon

Shorts and skirts are great, I guess, but give me jeans weather and I'm one happy lady. Jeans are one of my all-time favorite fall pieces. While they've been in rotation for the past few years, boyfriend jeans are the style that beg to worn in this fall. Slouchy and comfortable, boyfriend jeans go with everything (especially that perfect cotton sweater!). Boyfriend jeans not your thing? The tried and true skinnies are always awesome and flare jeans are my other favorite fall style. Honestly, jeans were made for the fall.

The perfect pair of jeans for your fall wardrobe:

A long cardigan

Wearing: It's Officially Sweater Weather

Fall weather in the Northeast can be unpredictable: one day chilly warm cider weather, the next iced coffee indian summer. Fall is for my favorite fashion must: layers. What better way to layer than with the perfect long duster cardigan. Obsessed with cardigans is an understatement when it comes to my fall style. Get ready to see me in plenty of long cardigans!

Get your long cardigans here:

Booties made for walking

Turtlenecks and Short Skirts Are For Grownups

Preferred fall footwear: booties all the way! Boots are made for the winter, flats are great for early fall and summer and booties are the best fall shoe. The styles are endless: stacked, suede, laced, cowboy. There is most definitely a style for everyone. If you don't believe how much I love booties, head over to my Wearing archives. The obsession is real people.

Get your bootie on:

After revisiting my closet with fresh eyes for fall, I'm not so sad about my current shopping ban. Honestly, the only thing I'm missing so far this fall is my Starbucks chai tea latte. And I have to know : what fall favorites are you breaking out of your closet?