Wearing: Black, White, and Really Cozy Style

November, you were supposed to be a good month. You were going to be the month that I got on top of my endless to-do list, killed it at that grad school presentation, and officially became the best teacher ever. Instead I'm over here trying to make it to Black Friday so I can officially collapse in a puddle of exhaustion. I can't be the only one who had such big expectations for the month? To be honest, I did tackle about half of my to-do list. I'm still hustling for that presentation. I am probably an okay, somewhat good teacher. Since November is leaving me a bit ragged, I'm craving comfortable and cozy style. That's why I'm reaching for some favorite staples: stripes and plaid and everything black and white. Wearing: Black, White, and Really Cozy

Wearing: Black, White, and Really Cozy

Wearing: Black, White, and Really Cozy

flannel shirt: target (similar), tee: j.crew factory, pants: levi's (similar), booties: american eagle (similar), sunglasses: warby parker

Cozy to me will always be a big cup of earl grey tea, a bed full of pillows, and flannel layers. I always preach about layering and you're probably tired of hearing it but boy, does it make me warm and happy. What I love about this look is that black and white is so easy. You probably have some pieces like this in your closet. Plus how fun is it to pattern mix with checks and stripes?!? If you're not into black and white, how much fun would this be with blue and white checks and a bold breton shirt? Or a classic red plaid with black and white stripes? There's a layered look out there for everyone.

Speaking of being for everyone, plaid and flannel are everywhere(I mean, I recently added another perfect one to my closet!). Usually I hate it when everyone starts to catch on to my style "secrets" and makes it "basic" but flannel is for everyone! My motto in life is basically, "stay comfy, my friends" and I don't know what else says comfy more than plaid and flannel.

Speaking of flannel layers, I would like to credit my outfit inspiration to the one and only Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls fame. Anyone else excited for the revival? I must admit that I was not a Gilmore Girls fan when it originally aired. 7th Heaven and Everwood were my WB favorites. Thanks to Netflix, I am able to appreciate the fast talking, the weird eating habits, the quirky and quaint town, and the never-ending boy troubles of Rory and Lorelai. While I'm still catching up and probably won't be ready for the November 25th premiere, you can definitely find me cozy and ready for Netflix marathon some time soon!