Three Fun and Easy Gift Box Ideas

I can hardly believe we're less than 12 days from Christmas! It's crunch time when it comes to gifts and I'm feeling it. This past weekend I was able to get a couple gifts for those tough-to-buy-for people on my list. Now it's time to grab the last few little things to make my favorite kind of gift: the themed gift box. Easy and Fun Gift Box Ideas

A themed gift box is my favorite gift to give to practically anyone on the list. Who doesn't like getting a bunch of gifts in one fun package? My "problem" when I go shopping is that I find a bunch of little small things. They're just too cute to pass up so that's when I start to put them together in one box. And a moment later I have a fun gift all put together! The other great thing about themed gift box is that there is a gift box for pretty much everyone. There are three tried-and-true boxes that are easy to put together and fun to give during the holidays.

Easy and Fun Holiday Gift Box Ideas

The "Let's Get Cozy" Box

Baby, it's cold outside and the best gift to give is a box full of things to make getting cozy easy. First things first, warm and fuzzy socks or slippers are a must. Then you must set the mood for a day spent on the couch with a sweet smelling candle. The one above smells like cedar and pine so you can bring the outdoors to you. The final piece to add to this gift of cold weather cozy time? A pretty mug and a bit jar of hot cocoa mix. Extra points for making it peppermint!

Easy and Fun Gift Box Ideas

The "Sunday Matinee" Box

When the weather outside is frightful, the best activity is hosting a movie marathon. Make it super easy for your friend or loved one to host their own by giving them a movie matinee gift box. This one is extra fun for you the gift giver because you get to pick out the movies! If you want them to get into the holiday spirit, grab a bunch of Christmas favorites. The above titles are just perfect for that 80's and 90's Christmas nostalgia. A good movie day wouldn't be complete without a few snacks. Make it holiday themed with a few candy canes (because they're practically giving them away at the grocery store!). The last thing to make this box extra fun is a fluffy blanket. Include this if you're hoping for a little cuddling with your gift recipient. It works like a charm!

Easy and Fun Gift Box Ideas

The "Kiss the Cook" Box

My go-to gift box for the favorite ladies and chefs in my life, this gift box is the easiest box of all to put together. You could just go to the mall and raid Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table. But if you need a little more guidance than that, here's what you'll need. Always add a quality wooden spoon because the cook can never have enough wooden spoons. The cook is always updating his or her recipe box so pretty recipe cards are the perfect addition. Then the last thing to add is fun specialty food items like fancy olive oil or salts and spices. You always see those colorful little jars and now's your chance to give them! Also, the best gift giver knows how to get themselves asked to dinner by the recipient of this gift box.

Gift boxes are fun and easy to put together for just about anyone on your list. Plus they're super simple to wrap: just wrap it up with a bow and go! That's one less thing to wrap this weekend and try to make "pinterest" perfect. How are you tackling the rest of your gift list this last week and a half before Christmas? Give me your tips and tricks!