How to Give An Experience As a Gift

Christmas is almost here and you (hopefully? maybe?) have all your presents wrapped and under your tree. I finished up last night so it's on to Christmas baking. But just in case you haven't finished your wrapping, much less your shopping, I'm here to rescue you. Today I'm going to share my absolutely favorite kind of gift and it's definitely the easiest. If you really want to give something amazing this holiday season, why not give the gift of an experience? How to Give an Experience as a Gift

The idea of giving someone an experience gift, whether it's concert tickets or a special day out, comes from my mom. Every year my brother and I would get the typical gifts like dolls, games, bikes, and other toys. But hidden in there was one amazing gift of a special experience doing something amazing. One particular gift that stands out was unwrapping a paperback copy of The Phantom of the Opera. Tucked inside I found tickets to see the musical on Broadway.

An experience as a gift can be so meaningful to the recipient. While they may outgrow that sweater or that crochet everything phase, they'll never forget a special day or event. But to ensure a really meaningful and loved experience gift, you'll need to consider a few things.

How well do you know the recipient? Giving an gift experience is best when you really know the person. You're able to tailor the gift to their personal interests. Need a last minute gift for someone and have absolutely no idea what to give? I've got you covered.

What will the person love? The hardest part of giving an experience is choosing the right one. An easy gift experience is definitely concert or sports tickets. You just need to know what musician or team the person loves! Add in a little extra cash for a special dinner or food at the venue. If that's too easy or you want something even more tailored, think about something they really love to do and making it into an experience. For a loved one who loves cooking or baking, check out cooking classes at Sur la Table or a local cooking school. If they love New York City, why not plan a whole day letting them soak in the day? When you're giving an experience as a gift, the possibilities are endless.

What will you give them on the day? You can't exactly put a whole city under the Christmas tree so you'll need to be creative. Taking them to see their favorite sports team? Wrap up a jersey or hat for them to wear. Going to a wine making class? Put a bow on their favorite bottle of wine. Doing a special spa day? Drop a little jar of scrub into their stocking. Whatever you've planned, give them a little hint of the fun to come.

Giving a gift experience is so fun for both you and the recipient. You'll be giving them a one-of-a-kind, meaningful present and you get to be creative. Now go wrap some presents!