One Word 2017

It may be the third day of the new year but for me it feels like the first. That's because I decided to start the year slowly, a hard feat for an always-busy lady. It is all part of my resolve to do things on my own time and not feel guilty. You know what? Taking the first two days of the new year to do (almost) nothing was the best gift ever. It also help me pick my one word for 2017. Usually my one word comes to me pretty easily. This year, however, it was much less clear. Maybe it was the tumultuous feelings from 2016 lingering. Maybe it was the mental block that's been wedged in place since September. Maybe it was because it feels like I failed last year's word. I almost decided to skip the one word challenge for the year. Then I remembered how much this exercise has helped me in the past. So here it is, one word for 2017:

One Word 2017

Open was not my first choice for my 2017 word. I actually wanted to repeat the word from 2013: create. Create first popped into my mind because there are SO many things I want to make happen in 2017. I want to create things with my hands and yarn and paper. I want to create things here on the internet in this little space and reinvigorate it. Creating is good but it can also be stressful. I put so much pressure to make things happen and get things done. There's a certain pressure to creating. As I said at the start, this year I'm trying to give myself more grace and less guilt. I want to add more ease. So instead of create, I choose "open".

In a way, open is a repeated word. Back before I had a blog, I wrote down "open" in my journal. It was after several months involved in a secretive relationship. It slowly wore away at my self-confidence and happiness. It trapped me because I was afraid of going beyond the small circle I'd created around myself. But then I resolved to be more open. Open to new experiences, true relationships, and things that would really make me happy. I literally imagined my heart opening. When I did, everything changed. New friendships and tons more happiness and self-esteem flooded in.

I want to be open to 2017 and whatever it may bring. My one word is about saying yes to things that make me happy and new experiences along the way. I hope to be more open and am excited for everything that will bring.

Did you choose a word for 2017? I'd love to know what it is and why you chose it!