How to Find Clarity and Calm in a Busy World

I am not the kind of girl who leaves herself much breathing room. It’s not that I’m hustling to reach the top; it’s this feeling that there is SO much in this world to experience that I want to do it all. Between getting my master’s, full-time work, exploring every little corner of NJ, and writing on here, I rarely sit still. Even when I am sitting still, I’m usually on social media, or writing, or making plans. All this constant busyness creates clutter in your mind and in your life. I get overly stressed about the littlest things. In the evenings I can’t wind down because I’m thinking about all the things I need to get done.

But with the approach of summer as signaled by Memorial Day Weekend, this is the moment to relax. It’s a time to unwind and leave space in your life to recharge. So how do you do that in the age of “busy”?

Off-the-Shoulder is On Point For Vintage Style
Off-the-Shoulder is On Point For Vintage Style
Off-the-Shoulder is On Point For Vintage Style
Off-the-Shoulder is On Point For Vintage Style

top: similar in red, also similar, jeans: forever 21, sandals: similar, necklace: madewell, sunglasses: LOFT

Find a hobby that inspires you...and keep it a hobby.

The power of finding and keeping a hobby is so underrated. You may think, what’s the point of something if it doesn’t enhance your career, make your instagram pretty, or put extra money in your pocket? Um, right. Despite what the age of social media proclaims, to find clarity and calm, your mind needs to get engaged in something that makes you happy. Not happy because a bunch of people “like” what you’re doing; happy because you enjoy doing it. One of the things I enjoy doing, even though it’s not “instagram-worthy”, is trying new breweries. Many are dark and not pretty but it makes me happy to enjoy a new beer with my husband. While I sometimes share it on here or twitter, it’s because it makes me happy to share something fun and that’s that.

Give yourself permission to relax.

This one might sound silly to some of you but to my type-A friends, this is a big one. When you’re used to always being on the move and busy, a guilty feeling can start creeping in. I come home on Friday and instantly start making my weekend to-do list for my non-work projects. There’s this feeling that if I don’t push, push, push, I will be behind in some way. But, if you want to find clarity and make big things happen, you need some downtime for your mind to unwind. Then inspiration can show up in a big way. It’s okay if you need to remind yourself that relaxing is okay. The other day I literally told myself, “You can relax today.” How’s that for type-A, high strung? My favorite way to relax happens to be a warm shower with a notebook waiting for me after. Because I know I’ll spring out of the bathroom with a bunch of fresh ideas.

Let go of negative vibes.

This is definitely one of the more hippy phrases that has come out of this preppy mouth. But I truly believe that if you have any hope of finding clarity, you have to push away the clutter caused by negativity. Even if that means giving up on something or someone. It literally took me all of my twenties to figure this out. I recently stopped doing things that I felt like I had to do but didn’t feel great to me. I also stopped attending to friendships that had an undertone of negativity. I feel more at peace right now than ever before. So even if you feel an obligation to something but it is in any way negative, cut it loose. You’ll feel better, I promise.

As we kick off the summer this Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to welcome in a season of calm, relaxation, and recharging. Find clarity and calm by being true to yourself. And maybe enjoy a good cocktail in the sunshine while you’re at it. Happy weekend! Go blossom!