The Perfect Dress for A Summer Bridal or Baby Shower

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress for Any Occasion
Finding the Perfect Summer Dress for Any Occasion
Finding the Perfect Summer Dress for Any Occasion
Finding the Perfect Summer Dress for Any Occasion

dress: american eagle (similar here), shoes: target (similar here), necklace: similar, sunglasses: LOFT

Somehow I forgot that summer is always full of events. Summer's agenda gets packed with everything from graduation parties to block party barbecues. But the biggest events, and consequently the hardest to dress for, are the summer bridal or baby shower.

As a former bride myself, I know the summer is the perfect time to have your shower. It's sunny, people's schedules are a teeny bit more flexible, and you can host inside or out. However, all of those reasons make it hard as a guest to find exactly what to wear. The sunny weather makes it hot. The event always creeps up on you even if you've had the invite for months. And you never know whether you'll be sequestered inside with the chilly AC or sweating it out in the blazing sun. It's almost enough to drive a girl to shop! And I'm sad to report that it has on more than once occasion.

But my closet is already stuffed full of skirts, shirts, and dresses that are more than excellent for all these summer events. So I sat down and figured out what outfits and dresses are appropriate for every event, following those unspoken rules while still making sure you look good.

What to wear to a summer bridal or baby shower

For a bridal shower

Avoid white: that's the bride's prerogative. Which sucks because white in the summer is the best thing ever. But there is nothing worse than copying the bride.

Instead, opt for color: jewel tones are always a good choice. You will never step on the toes of the bride who will usually be in something white or pastel. It also looks bright and fun, like you're just dying to play What's in the box Bingo! Do not wear black, please. Even if your closet is 95 percent black clothes, you do not want to look like you're going to a funeral on her special day.

Avoid too short and too tight: if you've got the body flaunt it...unless it's at a bridal shower. Remember, you are not there to upstage the bride but to support her. Anything that's really short, like just covering your booty short, or too tight, like shows every single curve, will distract people. Save it for the bachelorette!

Instead, opt for mid-thigh or longer: for me, the perfect length is knee or just above. You're also in luck because midi styles (hits mid-calf) is super popular right now.

Find some of my favorite bridal shower dresses below:

For a baby shower

Avoid anything revealing: I have heard more than one mama-to-be lament over a family member or guest who is flaunting it at her shower. Though she may be glowing and about to welcome the most wonderful thing ever into her life, she doesn't want to feel like the only mom in the room.

Instead, opt for demure: you don't have to be buttoned-up in a turtleneck but a modest neckline like bateau, off-the-shoulder, or even one shoulder are great options. The same goes for skirt length: longer is better. Many baby showers are an open invitation for moms to bring their babies and toddlers. You do not want to bend over to pick up a baby and create a scandal (and it seems like every shower is just itching for a "scandal").

Avoid bright colors: the total opposite of a bridal shower, you're going to want to pick soft colors. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule but baby showers tend to be more reserved affairs than bridal showers (read: no gift is going to contain a cheetah print thong). It will also most likely be a group containing moms and other older relatives so blending in can be best.

Instead, opt for florals and prints: instead of going monotone, a baby shower is the perfect place to rock all of your favorite florals and subtle prints. A good print is fun and festive without being distracted. Do not even think about wear Miss Patricia's caftan to a baby shower (though it may be the Charleston way #SouthernCharm).

The dress above was my latest outfit for a summertime baby shower. The bateau neckline was not only comfortable but it also concealed the "glow" that occurred at the outdoor shower. To mix it up, I swapped out my trusty nude heels with my favorite comfortable open-toed booties, just to keep it interesting.

Find some of my favorite baby shower dresses below:

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My number one rule for dressing for a summer bridal or baby shower: don't upstage the guest of honor. One day it will be your day to glow and you will appreciate every lady who does their best to blend into the background and celebrate you.

Do you have any upcoming showers on your summer calendar? What is your go-to outfit?