How to Always Buy What You Love

Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween commercials, and fall decor can only signal one thing: fall has arrived. Naturally this means that, for most of the country, it's getting a bit cooler out. You're probably digging out the booties and long sleeves and updating your closet for a new season. 

One of the best and worst things about a change in seasons is the dilemma of whether or not to go shopping. Not everyone loves to shop but, even if shopping is your second favorite sport, it can be time-consuming, tedious, and stressful. 

We live in a really great time. We have access to a whole world of shops at our fingertips. We are constantly seeing how clothes look on real people (shout out to my fellow style bloggers!). Yes, it's great but it can also be difficult to determine what we actually WANT to buy. I am guilty of asking myself on more than one occasion: am I buying this because I love it or because everyone else loves it?


sweater: no longer available but similar here (more below!), jeans: target, shoes: kelly & katie, sunglasses: LOFT, earrings: madewell (similar)

Buying things you love can be incredibly empowering. Feeling amazing when you walk out the door can transform how you interact with the world. You'll feel more confident and happier. I'm speaking from experience here. 

So how do you shop and find exactly what you love without feeling overwhelmed? Here are the three things I do before I purchase anything. 

1. Will this go with at least three things I already own? 

This is the very first question to ask before you buy anything. You can even ask it before you try anything on. I like to call it my rule of three. It's a foolproof way to guarantee that this piece is going to work for you. Because chances are if you can think of three things it will go with, it is going to be useful. Of course, I've bought things that are standout pieces, things that are meant to make a statement and can stand on their own. But that's a once in awhile kind of situation. 

2. How do I feel when I put it on?

You wouldn't buy a car without testing driving it so don't leave the store without trying it on. Or at least take a good look at the return policy. Clothing that looks great on the rack can look less than great when you put it on. I don't know about you but I also believe that clothing should be comfortable so try that baby on! 

But more than the physical feeling of clothes, you want to think about how it makes you feel on the inside. Do you feel sexy? Do you feel happy? Does it make you want to say, "heck yes, I'm the best!"? Really it's so much more important to choose something that's going to make you feel like the queen you are. 

3. Do I like how I look in it?

This seems like an obvious one but so often we buy our clothing out of convenience. Believe me I understand work dress codes and special events that require just the right thing. But (you know there was going to be a "but") you can still adhere to dress codes and look special without buying stuff you're lukewarm on at best. So if you hate boring button down shirts and black pants, go in search of what you love! (And I'm promising a post on my work style so soon!)

If you're headed out to do a little shopping this week or you've been putting it off, I hope these tips help. Once you start buying what you love, I promise all the pieces start falling together when you're getting dressed. Here's to wearing what makes you happy!