Three Unique Philadelphia Tours to Take Right Now

One thing you must know about me as a traveler: I HATE tours. This means that I will very, very rarely consent to taking a tour, whether it's a city I've never been to or at a museum or basically any time a tour is offered. I just like the opportunity to things at my own pace and in my own way. I'm also an insane person when it comes to thoroughly researching every single thing I'm going to do. I realize though not everyone is I am. 

More recently I've been asked by people outside of the Philadelphia area the best ways to explore the city this fall. Of course I have my standard recommendations for eating and drinking and having fun in the city of brotherly love. However, it's really hard to give them the full Philly feel without being their full time guide. So I went in search of tours that showed you around the city but were not, like, you know, tours. They're cool tours, got it?

Three unique Philadelphia tours that show you what the city is really about


Founding Footsteps BYOB Philadelphia history tour 

Ride around in a trolley, have a few drinks, and find out all about the history of Philadelphia from a knowledgeable and funny guide? Check, check, and check. Founding Footsteps shares all that's interesting and fun about Philadelphia history along with the beverage of your choice during their "Historically Hilarious" tour. Now I grew up right outside Philly and went on at least three school tours, if not more, of all the historic monuments of the city. Even though I thought I knew it all, I still learned something new about "my city". 

Founding Footsteps has many other tours, including a ghost tour for the fall. Owner and guide Tim is welcoming, knowledgeable, and the perfect guide. It's honestly the best "traditional" historic Philly tour I've ever taken.

Visit Founding Footsteps to see their whole line-up. 

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The best nontraditional tours in Philadelphia


Philly Food Adventures Chinatown food tour

I discovered Philly Food Adventures through my Philly bloggers group and was like, yes, a Philly food tour! While I missed the tour in September because, ugh teacher life, everyone's photos and reviews made me insanely jealous.

Jamie takes you through Chinatown to sample all different foods. You pay ahead which is so awesome so you can just relax and snack. To be honest, Philadelphia has a really amazing Chinatown that doesn't get as much love as ones in other cities. But there is so much to see and EAT so definitely look into joining Jamie for a tour. 

Visit Philly Food Adventures to book your Chinatown tour.

The best tours to give you a taste of Philadelphia
Three of the most unique tours to take in Philadelphia

Mural Arts Philadelphia tour

In case you missed it, Philadelphia is the queen of outdoor murals. The depth of their collection, from abstract to community-centric to just plain amazing cannot be beat. It's all because of the Mural Arts project. The mission of Mural Arts is to beautify the blank walls of the city, inspire communities, and help turn lives around. Lucky for you, they offer a wide array of tours that showcase different murals around the city.

Personally, I want to take their Love Letters tour that guides you as you see all of Stephen Powers love letters murals from the train. Museums are great and all but why not see the art of the city?

I want to know: do you take tours when you visit a new city? What's your favorite tour you've ever been on?