My Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off A Friday

I think my favorite thing about Friday is that it finally feels like you can relax a little bit. Even during the school day it's a bit more relaxed. Like, maybe we'll have a little dance party. If you haven't watched a bunch of wound-up fourth graders shake it to Justin Timberlake, you haven't lived. But I'm still on the clock, even if we're having fun.

Once the work day is over and I'm home, that's when it's really time to kick off Friday.  To me this time is sacred; it creates a clean transition between the work week and the weekend. Back in the day it used to mean getting dolled up and hitting the town. Now it means getting dressed down and hitting the couch. Since we moved into our house, I have perfected my Friday routine and there are five favorite things I always do. 

Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off a Friday
Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off a Friday
Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off a Friday
Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off a Friday
Five Favorite Ways to Kick Off a Friday

shirt: nordstrom, jeans: abercrombie, cardigan: similar, shoes: minnetonka

Dress it down in leggings/joggers and a cozy cardigan or sweatshirt.

I don't know what sort of animal wears their work clothes when they get home. Almost as soon as I walk through the door, it's all about comfy pants and oversized tops. Joggers are everywhere this season and so comfortable. Leggings are still a comfortable go-to. If you have to make me leave the house, relaxed boyfriend jeans (like my super soft pair from Abercrombie). Then you've got to pull on a cozy oversized cardigan or funky sweatshirt. 

Cue up the Netflix.

Honestly, I'd love to lie to you and say I do something super sophisticated like, I don't know, drink champagne at a roof bar on Fridays. But after I put on the leggings, the next thing is deciding what to binge on Netflix. Right now, I'm obsessed with Mindhunter and rewatching The West Wing because middle aged Rob Lowe is the best Rob Lowe. That hair, my goodness. Also on my list is Scandal (still on the fence in season 1, give me your thoughts!), Portlandia, and Sons of Anarchy. Anything else I should add? Let me know in the comments! I'm all about that Netflix binge.

Make a pizza. 

Now do I sound fancy? Nick and I both grew up in families where pizza was a Friday thing and we carried that tradition on in our own little family. Two of my best friends gave us a pizza stone as a wedding present and it was love at first bite. My favorite pizza crust is Trader Joe's Garlic and Herb ready to bake dough. I'm not going to say I'm Papa John or anything but I can make a mean Friday night pizza. And it goes pretty good with a glass of wine. 

Catch up on blog posts I missed during the week.

All of my favorite fashion tips, skincare recommendations, and life hacks come from blogs. There are blogs I've been following for years (some since college when blogging was young!) and others are newer. I love seeing what bloggers and my blogging pals are up to after a busy week. Plus, I usually get inspired to try a new outfit or go somewhere new for the weekend. Right now I'm busy catching up on what's new on Jessica Lawlor's blog, Styled Snapshots, The Golden Girl, The Fox and She, The Everygirl, Livvyland, and Freckled Italian

Clean my face and pop on a face mask. 

I am a girl obsessed. I keep telling myself I should do a "Face Mask Friday" on Instagram stories to share with you my favorite face masks. There are so many good ones on the market, from cheap but good sheet masks from Target or organic and natural ones from Lush. I honestly can't think of anything better than unwinding and freshening up my skin at the same time. Currently I'm all about No. 7's thermal scrubbing mask that heats up when in contact with water and makes my face feel insanely fresh. 

What are your favorite ways to kick off the weekend?