Thirteen Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Fall, the Coziest Season

Fall is coming, you guys. Actually, technically, it's already here buuuut it definitely doesn't feel like it. I think I've read more tweets this week with "sweating weather" and "waiting for sweater weather" than one woman should have to read. But it's officially fall so let's get to it!

Though I'm the kind of girl who likes piles of sand more than piles of leaves, I like to get into the spirit of fall. There are certain things that you can only do this season and one of those is be insanely cozy. Seriously, the best thing about autumn is that it's completely acceptable to put on every piece of cozy, light every type of spiced candle, and indulge in latte after latte (be it pumpkin spice or not). Ready to get your fall on now? Let's do this:


sweater: free people (similar), jeans: nordstrom, tank: nordstrom rack, flats: similar, earrings: similar, sunglasses: warby parker

1. Update your fall reading list. Second only to reading in your beach chair is surrounding yourself with pillows and layering up in blankets and digging into a pile of books. 

2. Buy allllll the candles. I love my Candelles candles: they always come out with brand new delicious scents AND they're based not too far away in Pennsylvania. What's your favorite candle or scent?

3. Make plans for a fall-themed movie night. Of course, my favorite kind of fall movie is a scary movie night. But somehow I always sneak Practical Magic in there. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, enough said. 

4. Go overboard with a million pumpkins, fake fall foliage, and strange scarecrows. Picking out pumpkins is basically my new part-time job. I feel like I'm finally in a place to admit that I made Nick leave a farm last weekend because the pumpkins were too perfect and not still attached to a vine. What? I like my pumpkins warty, misshapen, and REAL. 

5. Bake, bake, and bake some more. What is more cozy and perfect than something in the oven? Though to be honest, this also reminds of Cher's philosophy in Clueless that boys love smelling something cooking and she burns the cookies. 

6. Hit up a hiking trail. As tempting as it is to hibernate beneath all the cozy blankets and eat all those baked goods, exercising during the fall season is too good to pass up, It's not too hot, usually not too cold and it's absolutely beautiful out. Hit up a local hiking trail or even the local sidewalk and get your fitness on. 

7. Find and visit a local pick-your-own farm. A cherished family tradition is piling into the car and heading to the local farm to pick all the things. Pumpkins and apples and well, I think that's it. Bonus points for my local Terhune Orchards that has the best apple cider donuts I've ever tasted. 


8. Eat apple cider donuts. In case you skipped number 8, go back and read it because it explains it all.

9. Buy new sheets and a new duvet. There's something refreshing about having a whole new set of sheets with a brand new season. 

10. Go scarf shopping. I'm pretty sure Nick hopes I don't follow through with this one. He's been attacked by the "scarf monster" that lives on the top shelf of our hall closet a few too many times. 

11. Go to a new fall festival. For many years I headed into Philly for the Midtown Village Festival and the newer Old City Festival. Now I'm looking for some local ones. Anyone have any small town NJ ones that I have to hit up?

12. Pretend you're really, really into football. I've got the rules down and I like to yell at the screen. But let's be honest, I'm here for the wings, beer, and pizza.

13. Plan a family dinner. Whether your family is just you and your significant other, your very best friends, or your whole entire flesh-and-blood crazy family, fall is a great time to host a dinner. Hit up Ina Garten and the Food Network for some recipes but remember, it's not the food but the company, that counts. 

What are your favorite fall activities?