The Best True Crime Podcasts to Listen to On a Road Trip

This weekend I spent seven plus hours in the car. Now, I don't mind a good road trip but, ladies, that is a lot of time to be in the car. It's pretty understandable around this time of year. There's family to visit and parties to attend and sometimes a forced trip to visit the MOST AMAZING neighborhood lights display in all of New Jersey (spoiler alert: there are a lot of those). So I kind of get used to travelling in the car through much of November and December. 

Being in car all the time has made me obsessed with podcasts. I can't tell you the last time I listened to the radio. There's seriously a podcast for everything: the news, entrepreneurship, blogging, science, fashion, design. Anything and everything gets turned into a podcast. Recently my friend Jess shared a roundup of more than 50 podcasts she and her readers love with choices from every genre. I gave at least one episode from each recommendation a listen!

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip

I have so many podcasts I love but the ones I'm addicted to happen to be of the true crime variety. A really good true crime podcast has storytelling that pulls me in from the moment I hit play. You get caught up in the story and the unraveling of the mystery. That's what makes them perfect on a road trip. You can download the whole season (if it's been released) and dive right in.

Like any normal person, I try a new true crime podcast as soon as it hits the airwaves. Some are good, some are okay, and some just aren't engaging. So after a lot of listening, I'm sharing the true crime podcasts that stuck with me and are perfect to listen to on a road trip. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - Serial

Serial, Season One 

I had to include Serial because it's what kicked off my true crime podcast obsession. If you haven't listened to season 1 of Serial, I won't spoil a single minute. I just ask that you come back and give me your opinion on the finale! There are two seasons of Serial but honestly, the first season is so much more interesting than the second season. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - S-Town


Produced in the same vein and with the same team as Serial, S-Town shares the minutia of a small town with the focus on one of its eccentric residents. It has its fair share of mystery, however, there is much more storytelling and human interest than some of the other podcasts in this genre. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - Stranglers


How much do you know about the terror that griped Boston in the 1960s? It was all thanks to the serial killer known as the Boston Strangler, who targeted women all over Boston. This podcast dives deeper into the mystery of the Strangler and also questions if the police got the guy. Another wonderfully produced podcast that will have you hooked. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished

If you loved Serial, you MUST listen to Up and Vanished. Started as a passion project by documentary filmmaker Payne Lindsey, this podcast dives into the cold case of teacher and former pageant queen Tara Grinsted. You will get wrapped up in this story, I guarantee it. Nick and I spent hours discussing the ins and outs of the case. Do NOT google this podcast before you listen so you don't spoil it because so much has happened because of this podcast. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - The Fall Line

The Fall Line

I just started this podcast on my trip to California at the beginning of the month and am only three episodes in but I LOVE it. It discusses the case of the Millbrooks twins, African American girls who disappeared in Augusta in 1990. This podcast sheds light on the way minority missing persons cases are treated, especially those of African American teens. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - Accused


Another podcast I started while on my California trip was Accused. This podcast produced by the Cincinnati Enquirer discusses the case of Elizabeth Andes, a recently graduated college student who was found murdered in her Ohio apartment. The police were quick to charge her boyfriend with the murder but two juries disagreed. The podcast begs the question: were the police too quick or is a murderer walking free?

The Best True Crime Podcasts for a Long Road Trip - Dirty John

Dirty John

This podcast received a lot of hype and some mixed reviews. I found it fascinating and a little different than other true crime podcasts. The podcast discusses the relationship of Debra Newell and the mysterious John, a man she meets on an internet dating site. This is one podcast that Nick and I are still wrapping our heads around. But I still have the last episode left so don't spoil it for me!

Are there any true crime podcasts you love to listen to? What do you listen to when you're on a long road trip?