Work Wear Wednesday: Add a Little Texture

It's been a little while since I shared a Work Wear Wednesday post which could mean two things: one, I've been totally off my game when it comes to getting dressed for work, or two, I'm just lazy about getting work outfits photographed. I would have to say it's basically a combination of those two things. With the busyness that is always November, I just haven't made the time to document my work outfits. Then, with the weather being all over the place, getting dressed has been hard. But let's get back to it!

Like I said, my work wardrobe is kind of in a rut. The weather has cooled down but it isn't freezing yet. So it doesn't feel right bundling up in lots of layers. Though that's not really something I would do anyway because the heaters are already on full blast. Anyone else feel like they're just working away in a giant oven?

I got sick of wearing the same boring layers over and over again: cotton blouse, work pants, cardigan, flats, and repeat. That's when I started looking for items to add to my wardrobe that are a bit different. 

As a teacher, it's expected that we dress a little more conservatively. But we can also get away with being a little more casual than an office. That's because those room carpets aren't shampooed every night but you didn't hear it from me!

Work Wear: Add a Little Texture
Work Wear: Add a Little Texture
Work Wear: Add a Little Texture
Work Wear: Add a Little Texture
Work Wear: Add a Little Texture

sweater: j.crew factory (similar), leggings: beulah, booties: lucky brand, necklace: similar, sunglasses: LOFT

That's a long list of things to worry about when you're getting dressed for work: something different, casual but not too casual, conservative but not boring. Plus I don't like to stand around in the closet wondering what to pair with what. Gotta get to that copier before the line forms! 

Enter texture. Mixing and matching different textures is one way to get away from the same old routine of plain work wear. Though these pants could be plain black pants (goodness knows I have a ton of black work pants), the raised texture on the thigh and zippers on the side add something a little extra. 

The great thing about seeking out interesting textured details for your work wear is that texture comes in basics or in brights. This outfit is so simple and easy for work mornings in grey and black. But there are so many different texture combinations in color or neutrals that will make your work style pop. 

Why not try...

Mixing silk pants with cable knit sweaters?

Faux leather with feminine ruffles?

Texture cardigans with structures tops?