Bell Sleeves Are the Best Thing to Happen to 2017

There is nothing more chaotic and exhausting than the week of Halloween. I'm thinking of starting a petition to have November 1st declared a national holiday so teachers can get a break. I certainly needed it as I've got some annoying chest congestion that probably came from repeating over and over again, "I will wait until you're ready." But darn it if I didn't love holding a "ghost hunt" while playing the Ghostbusters theme in the background. 

This week it also dawned on me that we're closing in on the end of the year. Where did the time go? It's just about time for me to really get going on my closet refresh. I say "really" because I've been telling Nick I would do this for a few months now. Especially since I'm adding lots of really awesome things and it's kind of overflowing. But I'm getting on it!

There are plenty of things that are going to get retired but there are a few things I'm obsessed with that are staying firmly put. In fact, I'm spending a whole lot of time figuring out how I can wear them more. One of those things? Bell sleeves. 

You know I'm a lady who likes her fancy sleeves. Puffed, ruffled, bedazzled: give me some funky sleeves! What I love the most about bell sleeves is that they're over-the-top without being crazy. Does that make any sense at all? I feel like bell sleeves are the most subtle kind of fancy sleeves. It's like you're looking at a normal sleeve until you realize that OMGSH that sleeve gets wider and I love it. Sorry, I get excited about weird things like sleeves.

How to wear bell sleeves - wear she blossoms
How to wear bell sleeves - wear she blossoms
How to wear bell sleeves - wear she blossoms
How to wear bell sleeves - wear she blossoms
How to wear bell sleeves - wear she blossoms

top: similar (and under $25!), jeans: target, booties: similar, earrings: madewell, sunglasses: LOFT

Not sure how to wear bell sleeves? Here are three ideas for making them work for you:

Under a sleeveless duster: Do not hide those sleeves underneath anything! Also, bell sleeves are super awkward to tuck away. I'm super happy that sleeveless dusters are becoming a thing. Their length is a perfect pair with length and shape of bell sleeves. 

With a mini skirt and OTK boots: bell sleeves give off a decidedly mod vibe so lean into it! Embrace the mini which contrasts with the voluminous bell sleeve. Over-the-knee boots are also very in the moment and balance the mini with the bell sleeves. 

On top of boyfriend jeans: my initial thought for styling a bell sleeve was to go with skinny jeans/pants. Don't get me wrong; bell sleeves look AMAZING and so dramatic with a skinnier bottom. But I'm loving the off-centered look of something a touch more masculine with this in-your-face style. It kind of takes it down a notch in a good way. Like having a glass of wine with buffalo wings. Weird analogy but that's where I'm at style-wise this Friday.

Are you in love with bell sleeves like me? How would you wear them? 

Happy Friday ladies! Enjoy your weekend!