'Tis the Season to Take Care of Yourself

I love this time of year. Everything about the holiday season just fills me with so much joy. The lights, the decorating, the movies, the music: everything is just so cozy and filled with joy. It also brings back so many happy memories of growing up and big family celebrations and those little childhood joys. 

Despite loving this season, it can also be stressful. It feels like there's not enough time no matter how early we put up our tree or how far in advance we start shopping. The holiday season starts to feel like a rush of events and checklists and crowds everywhere. 

On Sunday I finally had a moment to breath and realized that I'm on the wrong side of a burnout. The thing is, my mindset is always, this is the season to do ALL THE THINGS. But honestly, it's a recipe for becoming stressed and exhausted and missing the whole reason for the season. 

How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season - Wear She Blossoms

If you're feeling a touch of holiday burnout, it's time to practice some self-care. Here are a few things you can do if you're feeling more stressed than cheerful this holiday. 

Create some routines to stick to. 

There are so many fun activities and so much to get done in December. All the events and errands can disrupt your schedule, though it's not always a bad thing. However, if you're starting to feel like you don't have a moment to rest, pick a few touchstone routines to keep you grounded. For me it's coming home after work, brewing a cup of coffee or tea, and catching up on reading or scrolling through Instagram. It gives my mind a break and a chance for me to transition from work without jumping right in on m to-do list. 

Relax with your favorite beauty routines. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I always make time for Face Mask Friday...except the last three Fridays. I didn't think it would be a big deal. You get busy, you know? But I really do miss the absolutely perfect and simple beauty routine. And so does my skin. Your skin will thank you for making sure you take the time to pamper yourself. 

How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season - Wear She Blossoms
How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season - Wear She Blossoms

Invest in a good pair of comfy pants.

This season calls for unusually high amount of fancy clothes. As much as I love getting dolled up, it can be exhausting. Investing in some comfy clothes that make getting cozy and allow you to really relax is essential. 

Say no when you don't want to do something. 

The holidays are filled with invites to fun and festive activities. Don't try to be superwoman and do them all. There is definitely one of those things you don't want to do and it's okay to say no. Save your energy for things you really want to do. And no, you're not obligated to go to something just because it's for family if it stresses you out. No is okay, end of story. 

How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season - Wear She Blossoms
How to Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season - Wear She Blossoms

Make time to do the holiday things you love. 

Just as it's okay to say no to things this time of year, it's okay to make time in a busy schedule to do things you love. Whether it's checking out holiday displays or just sitting in front of your own darn Christmas tree, make sure you do it. Even if it doesn't seem productive or cross something off your to-do list, I guarantee you will feel happier and more in the spirit of the season after you do. 

Stay hydrated and pack snacks. 

This time of the year is when my healthy habits take a turn for the worst. Somehow I revert to this state of "MUST GET IT DONE" and nothing else matters. The thing is, staying healthy does matter. Especially when flu season is just starting to catch hold. Nobody has time to be sick this time of year when there's plenty to get done.