Making Me Happy Now: All Things Pink

My Christmas shopping is officially DONE! I think that deserves a high-five or at the very least, a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. Heck, I'll even take a glass of two buck Chuck. Usually I'm way ahead of the game but this year I dragged my shopping out until this week. You all know I'm a planner when it comes to this kind of thing, so I was sweating just a little bit. 

Now I would be lying if I didn't admit that, while I was shopping for everyone on my list, I did a little shopping myself. Not actual shopping; more like window shopping. I don't know if my wallet could handle it if I actually purchased everything in my online cart. Please tell me I'm not alone in my love of online window shopping!

As I was doing all that window shopping, I realized that everything I was adding to cart had one thing in common: pink.

All Things Pink on My Holiday Wishlist

Remember in elementary school where it was not cool to like pink if you were a girl? I guess we were biased against "basic" from day one! The thing is, I really do love pink.

I don't mind magenta or bright pink but my true love is paler tones like blush. So right now, what's making me happy is all things pink. Here's all the pink things I'm adding on my wishlist:

All Things Pink on My Holiday Wishlist

Dusty rose waffle knit cardigan - don't be surprised if in a few months I'm sharing a What's Making Me Happy Now post about my love of cardigans. Cardigan love is eternal and this rose color just adds to my love. 

Rose glitter pouch - you guys, it's pink and it's glitter. So naturally I must buy this and carry it with me everywhere. 

Mock neck sweater - my pink sweater collection is slowly and surely growing. Add this one to the pile!

Blush boucle coat - personally it's my belief that every girl should have a pink coat. I have one in a gorgeous watermelon color but I'm loving this soft blush color. 

Blush Adidas sneakers - when I was a freshman in high school, I had to have a pair of three stripe Adidas sneakers in black and white. Currently freaking out over this pink pair. 

Should I Stay or Should Eggo sweatshirt - pretty sure this sweatshirt speaks for itself. Would also work for you Stranger Things fans. Or Eggo fans. 

Fjallraven backpack - a versatile bag in the girliest pink is the bag I'm feeling for this new year. It just screams "I can do anything...and make it look cute". 

Circle bag with pom poms - this bag combines three things I love: crossbody, circle shape, and giant pom poms. Oh, and of course, it's pink. 

Fuzzy fleece pullover - this super cozy fleece pullover seems to be everywhere. It's easy to see why since it's such a pretty color and it looks like something you just want to snuggle in. 

Pink glitter phone case - I've been dropping major hints on this one. I mean look at it! There's glitter swirling around in it! Plus what better sentiment than "pink skies ahead"?

What items are on your wishlist this holiday season?