Work Wear Wednesday: Making a Bold and Bright Statement Pieces

It's Wednesday and I'm excited to bring to you the first work wear Wednesday post ever on Wear She Blossoms! As you probably know, most of days are spent at work. I absolutely love being a teacher but it's taken me some time to love getting dressed for work. This new school year I'm making more of an effort to push the limits with my daily work wardrobe. I've spent the last few years accumulating quality pieces that fit my personal style while at the same time fitting the unofficial teacher dress code. No holiday sweaters here! You can expect to see more work wear Wednesday posts throughout the year as I keep experimenting with and styling my work clothes. 

Dressing for a more conservative environment can be tricky. Especially when you're expected to dress like a professional while still sitting on the floor (#teacherlife). When I first started teaching, I was all about that black pant life. And for a little while I fell down the black hole that is wearing leggings to work but trying to pretend like you aren't. Hey, this style blogger makes mistakes too. But I think I finally uncovered the secret to loving what I wear to work: bright and bold tops and bottoms. 

Breaking away from the endless cycle of black or neutral bottoms can be daunting. Going with a bold color can be daunting. You have to pair it with something but what? 


top: primark (similar), pants: j.crew factory, flats: similar, earrings: charming charlie, sunglasses: warby parker

Pair bold bottoms with a coordinating color or print. 

I was skeptical about these bright blue bottoms at first but they go with SO many things. All I have to do is pick a coordinating color, like this orange or pale pink. Or I look for patterns with coordinating colors. This Madewell blouse in bold red with a blue and white print would be the perfect patterned top to pair with them too. When I have something out of my normal color zone, I'll sometimes buy items I want to pair it with and bring them home to try on together. Just be aware of the return policy first!

Keep it simple.

Wearing color does not need to be this whole complicated thing. You don't need to do tons of layers or wear heels or go all out with accessories. It's enough to wear the color and rock it. 

Don't force it.

I'm sharing this piece of advice because I am so, so guilty of this. Often times I try to make my colorful pieces work with everything. And they just don't. Colors don't always go together. Texture and fit are a factor too. Sometimes, if you're not used to wearing colorful clothes, you need to push yourself a little bit. But if you're thinking it doesn't look right then it probably isn't. Always, always trust your inner style barometer. 

I'm looking forward to bringing you more work wear Wednesdays in the future.

Do you have any burning work wear questions? Feel free to send me an email and help you get your work style right!

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