Three Current Trends that are ALL About Fun

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I'm like, wait, I'm an adult? I swear, sometimes it feels like I was sixteen and blinked for a minute.

Part of my job as a teacher means I make big decisions for little people. I am constantly thinking about their problems and how we can find solutions. Then I get home and I deal with being a real grown person who just wants to eat a plate full of french fries for dinner. Instead I make healthy baked chicken. And it's kind of okay. 

The one thing though that hasn't been all about being "grown up" is my closet. Sure, I have lots of serious work clothes (ICYMI I'm starting a fun new series, Work Wear Wednesday). But I've started to use a little bit of those biweekly paychecks to invest in the little pieces that make me smile. 

I think that's the best part about fashion: it can be fun. You don't always have to take yourself so seriously (that's a message for you, Anna Wintour). I started following a lot of brands like bando and indie brands like Daily Disco who encourage you to invest in your own slice of fun. And I'm here for it. Here are three things I'm obsessed with now that will add instant fun to your closet. 


top: j.crew factory (similar), jeans: target, sneakers: converse, socks: b.ella c/o Standard Merchandising Co., sunglasses: warby parker

Statement tees

The era of band tees or brand tees is over. Statement tees have all sorts of sayings, some that can get kind of ridiculous (feminist gangsta, anyone?). But isn't wearing it more fun than saying it? A former student came to visit me on Tuesday and he had a shirt that said "Taco Cat" with a cat inside of a taco shell with a mini mustache. I nearly died. You can't deny that statement tees are fun and a bit ridiculous. 

Funky Enamel pins

Ladies, these aren't your grandma's brooches. Lapel pins with every sort of saying and image from the hilarious to the politically motivated are everywhere. I mean, who doesn't want to purchase a cute pug face to display on their denim jacket? Please tell my husband I am not the only one. 


But I have socks, you tell me. Socks are having a moment and they can be FUN, I tell you. Yes, socks are no longer white, black, or navy. Floral prints, mini cacti, even bright blue with hot pink flamingos, you can find them all. More of a traditionalist? Grab a big knit pair and do something funky with them like pair them with your favorite heels. You can totally be out of the box with your socks (yes, I am aware I'm rhyming) and have fun with them. 

What are some current trends that make you smile?


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