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I officially want to welcome you to Wear She Blossoms! That's right: Buttons & Blossoms is now Wear She Blossoms. You probably guessed something was up by my random hints, overall quietness on the blog front (plus redirecting it to an "under construction" page) and absence on social media. It feels so good to have my redesign/rebrand all done and to share it with the world!

Why make the change to a new name?

Let's just say it was time. I have been blogging off and on for seven years (um, where has the time gone?!?) which was most of my twenties. While I still love posting about practical and comfortable outfits and travel guides, overall Buttons & Blossoms stopped feeling like me. 

Buttons & Blossoms was a mish mash of experimental posts. Sometimes they were things I genuinely wanted to share, others were because I saw other bloggers doing it and wanted to see if it would work for me, too. That comparison trap, you guys, it's a strong one. When January 2017 hit, I took a long look at what I had been doing in the online world. I decided that it was time to determine what was really needed so that, instead of adding to the noise, I could make a connection. It was time to get vulnerable and open about why I choose to share what I wear. 

Clothes have always been more than clothes to me.

Typing it out looks funny, but hear me out. I am an introvert and proud of it. Of course, I didn't always feel this way. When I was younger, I struggled to find my voice. I always felt overpowered and undervalued by the people around me who had no problem speaking their mind and being bold. I felt like I blended into the background. 

Then I started experimenting with my clothes. I threw open the doors to my closet and tried things on. I realized that clothes were a powerful way for me to express myself. When I put together an outfit I loved, I felt confident and happy.


Don't we all want to spend more time on things that makes us feel happy?

Those happy things should be recognized and celebrated. When you feel good, you do good. That is the core of Wear She Blossoms: wearing and doing what makes you happy. I want you to find those outfits that make you feel like the strong powerful lady you are by giving you tips to get you there. I also want you to feel like you can go anywhere and discover the magic of new places. You guys, you are meant to blossom. 

Things aren't going to change too much but here's what I'm promising. 

I'm promising to share more outfits. Now, you guys know I'm living on that teacher budget and I know a lot of you are all about that budget life too. We're going to talk about how to shop for great pieces that will work for work, life, and adventure. 

I'm promising to get you out that front door because life is about adventure. And I'm not suggesting you hope that plane and wake up on the other side of the world. That's crazy cool if you do, but it's just as good to find those local gems. I'll share plenty of New Jersey, Philly, and NYC magic and hopefully you'll share where you're going with me. 


Now you have to join me for the ride.

Over the last year blogging has introduced me to the most amazing people. Yes, a lot of time it's just me with mug of tea at the computer screen, typing away. Oh gosh, it can be frustrating and lonely sending posts out into the online abyss. But when I get to talk to you guys, my day is made. So I've got a few ways to connect. 

First, you can join my newsletter. I LOVE writing my newsletter. It feels a lot like my old series "Monday Links to Love" (which I felt was time to take off the site). I share what's up with me and what's up on the internet. It's fun and it comes out every Monday.

Second, let's talk about Instagram. We have a love/hate relationship, Instagram and I. I mostly love it because I am a visual person. I also love it because it's a fun place to connect with you, my readers, and other creatives that inspire me. Because the good on Instagram usually outweighs the bad, I'm going to have two things happening over there. First, I'm going to be posting to my stories wayyy more. If we're friends on Instagram, you know I usually only post when I'm out and about. That's fun but Wear She Blossoms is all about sharing that connection. Another reason is that right now I don't feel comfortable posting videos to Youtube because that's where the kids hang, a.k.a. my students. So I'm going to be making my home on Instagram stories for now. I hope you'll see what I'm up to over there! And maybe if I feel really brave I'll even try Instagram Live. Maybe. 

Second, I still want to see where you're going and what cool local places are near you. Tag your photos with #localblossoms to share with me and the Wear She Blossoms community the cool spots in and around your hometown. Guys, supporting all things local is a big deal to me and I hope you'll join me. 

Phew, that's a lot.

I am so excited for this new chapter in my blogging career. Wear She Blossoms is about what makes you happy and seriously, if you're a new or old reader, you're one of those things. Thanks for sticking with me and I promise this change is going to be awesome. Here we go!

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