My Favorite Fashion Movies for Your Next Movie Marathon

Happy weekend, ladies! This weekend could not come soon enough. It was really hard working a full five days after only working two days last week. Just getting a little spoiled over here, no big deal. But now I'm finally caught up on most of my Netflix list and am finally watching season two of The Crown. Anybody else totally a stay-on-the-couch, movie marathon, never-leave-the-house kind of person whenever it's cold and chilly out? Which is totally what inspired today's winter, snowy day outfit AND got me to thinking about the movies that have amazing style you totally want to copy. 

Eighties Inspired Winter Style - wear she blossoms
Eighties Inspired Winter Style - wear she blossoms
Eighties Inspired Winter Style - wear she blossoms
Eighties Inspired Winter Style - wear she blossoms
Eighties Inspired Winter Style - wear she blossoms

turtleneck: j.crew, sweater: similar, jeans: forever 21, hat: similar, sunglasses: LOFT, boots: minnetonka

Speaking of Netflix and shows with amazing costumes, today's look is totally inspired by all of my favorite eighties movies. Turtlenecks layered under a sweater will always remind me of winters in the 1980's movies where ladies wore tweed blazers, mock neck turtlenecks, and high-waist mom jeans. Like Beverly D'Angelo in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (though what's up with that insane keyhole blouse?). Or Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally as she strolls through New York with Billy Crystal. 

Though this winter look is inspired by the eighties, it's definitely ready for a modern winter. Instead of going with a shapeless cotton turtleneck, tissue tees from J.Crew and Madewell are slim and easy to layer under any sweater. Flare jeans are also a great break from skinny jeans tucked into boots.

Getting dressed for the winter is tough but I love grabbing inspiration from movies. With the temps dropping back into the 30's today, it would be the perfect day for a fashion movie marathon. Here are my top twelve movies to marathon for major style inspiration:

Working Girl (1988)

I would argue this is way better than the more popular 80's girl boss movie, 9 to 5, because of middle aged Harrison Ford in tweed suits and 80's career woman style is way more attainable. Plus their off hours looks, like Sigourney Weaver's ski chalet look of oversized sweaters and puffy coats and Melanie Griffith's legwarmers and leggings, is what I'm living for this winter. 

Brooklyn (2015)

The story is the perfect coming-to-America story but being set in the 1950's, you get amazing shirtdresses in pastel colors, belted midi skirts, and perfectly done hair every time. 

Clueless (1995)

Probably the inspiration behind obsessive outfit planning in high school, who wouldn't want Cher's closet of coordinating separates. Sheer knee socks, scrunchies, and that amazing bodysuit for tennis, the 90's looks are on point. Plus who doesn't like a little makeover montage?

Funny Face (1957)

Literally a movie about a fashion magazine photo shoot, everything Audrey Hepburn wears is amazing, along with her chic pixie cut and simple make-up (that would probably take me hours to recreate. The look I most love in this movie has got to be the sleek, all-black beatnik look. Who says black can't be bold?

Almost Famous (2000)

Who doesn't want to be Penny Lane, a.k.a Kate Hudson, and who else hates Billy Crudup? Penny Lane's fur-trimmed suede coat, sheer blouses, and bell bottoms made me start going to the Goodwill because they simply don't make good "band-aid" clothes anymore. Sorry to burst your bubble, Forever 21. 

Annie Hall (1977)

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Diane Keaton's quirky style? The fact that she wears turtlenecks and vests and sticks to her personal style. Annie Hall is basically Diane Keaton's style in character and nobody does neckties and blazers like she does. I think we should just cut Woody Allen out of the whole thing and make it a Diane Keaton highlight reel. 

Heathers (1988)

I'll admit that I'm not really into the plot of the movie but it's 80's style to the max. We're talking the biggest shoulder pads, the biggest hair, and the biggest, most unnecessary brooches on big, ruffle-y blouses. 

Marie Antoinette (2006)

If you're looking for the most over-the-top style inspiration, Sofia Coppola's movie is it. Bows, ruffles, ribbons, and alllll the pastel colors. And even if the fashion doesn't get you, the music is pretty good too. 

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Wes Anderson movies could be their own style movie marathon because omg the colors. Moonrise Kingdom has scout uniforms, saddle shoes, and 1960's inspired style brought (kinda) up-to-date. And again, some serious knee sock action happening here. 

Vertigo (1958)

Hitchcock movies always have great style, like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief in her elegant ballgowns or Tippy Hedron in The Birds and her wool suit and patent leather purse. But nobody can top Kim Novak in Vertigo. From wool suits to elegant evening gowns, it's hard to actually focus on what's going on because she looks so, so good. 

Love Story (1970)

I could probably watch Love Story every week for the rest of my life. Sure, it's a bit cheesy (what does "love mean never having to say you're sorry" even mean?) and Ryan O'Neill is kind of a jerk but Ali McGraw is a full-on style icon. Pleated mini skirts, turtleneck sweaters, and all the collegiate 1970's style you can handle. Whenever I need a style pick-me-up, this is my go-to movie. 

Let's have a movie marathon! What's on your list?