What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs

There are few things that will get me out of the house in the winter. It is just so hard to want to leave my cozy couch with all of its Netflix, hot coffee, and pillows. Buuut there are two things that will make me move my behind: Target runs and brunch. 

Besides a good Target run on a Sunday afternoon (that dollar spot is gold for teachers!), brunch is my other favorite weekend activity. I used to be hardcore brunch-er: Saturday and Sunday were planned out for mimosas and omelettes! Now, I'm much more selective because...did I mention I don't want to leave me house???

A good brunch calls for a good outfit. Brunching in the summer is so easy: sundress and done. Getting crazy? Get yourself a big ol' hat. It's hard to be cute in the winter and, while I fully advocate going to brunch in WHATEVER makes you happy, even if that's a big sweatshirt, winter brunch is the time to layer on and layer on. 

What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs - wear she blossoms
What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs
What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs
What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs
What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs
What to Wear and Where to Brunch This Winter in Philly and the Burbs

sweater: american eagle, shirt: forever 21, jeans: lucky brand, boots: lucky brand, earrings: madewell

The cozy brunch look for me is all about the cardigan. Wait, when is my life not all about the cardigan? If you're Nick, don't answer that. Whenever we're out, his typical response is "Not another cardigan." But layers are the best way to deal with the ups and downs of weather.

Usually my cardigans of choice are neutrals but a little color goes a long way. This rose cardigan adds a little color to a plain old black and white striped outfit (stripes, another thing I just can't quit!).

And did you catch my pom pom earrings?!? I shared them on my Instastories last week because I am obsessed. I've been wanting some pom pom earrings for forever. I went back and forth between earrings that were too big, the wrong color, and too expensive before finding this pair at an amazing sale price in store at Madewell. While I couldn't find them on Madewell's site anymore, you can still grab a pair here

You're all cozy and ready to sip on that mimosa, so where to? For me, a good brunch has to have good cocktails and coffee, plenty of delicious food (not just avocado toast, thank you), and a tables where you can cozy up and catch up with friends or family. Because, when you get down to it, brunch is not just about good food but good company too. 

Where I love to brunch in Philly

Jerry's Bar - Jerry's is probably one of the best restaurants in the city: good food, great atmosphere, and it's definitely very cozy. Every Sunday is jazz brunch with live jazz music (but be prepared to come early or make reservations!). 

Urban Farmer - one of my new favorites located in the Logan Hotel. The food is good, the decor is whimsical and fun, and you feel like you could spend hours just brunching and chatting. Definitely a winning combo.

Standard Tap - relaxed and casual is the Standard Tap way plus the food is hearty and delicious. Also, their beer and wines are all local which is what makes Standard Tap a place I always go back to. 

Bud and Marilyn's - come for the warm pecan cinnamon roll, stay for the cozy dinner vibes right in the heart of the city. 

Cedar Point Kitchen - while the cold weather makes me miss Cedar Point's deck immensely, it's still the perfect spot to grab weekend brunch. They always have a delicious special donut and other inventive dishes on the menu. 

Where to brunch in the burbs

Cafe 72, Ewing, NJ - super small and super popular, be prepared to wait since they don't take reservations. They do however put fresh coffee out for you to enjoy why you wait! Lit by fairy lights with eclectic decor, the dishes are basic brunch done perfectly. 

Keg and Kitchen, Westmont, NJ - If you're in Philly, Westmont is just a short PATCO ride away. Keg and Kitchen is noisy, crowded, and a lot of fun for brunch. If you can, try to get one of their tucked away booths where you can enjoy your mimosa or bloody mary. 

Jammin' Crepes, Princeton, NJ - another tight little space, Jammin' Crepes is not your typical brunch spot. That's what makes it amazing. Order a savory or sweet crepe at the counter and then find your table. The decor is rustic chic and the perfect place to tuck away on a cold winter's day. 

Charcoal, Yardley, PA - this restaurant just off the main drag in Yardley has views for days of the now icy Delaware River. Everything is fresh and delicious and you'll want to stuff yourself on all the donut and french toast. 

Where do you like to brunch in your hometown?