Making Me Happy Now: 10 Websites to Love in Your 30's

Ladies, I am six months into being thirty and, spoiler alert, I LOVE being 30. It may just be the best age yet. Obviously it's not like the movie 13 Going On 30 where you wake up magically feeling different. But I do feel different. Maybe I just decided to feel different and inspired and zen now that I'm 30? Or maybe it's magic? The world may never know. 

But now that I'm 30 and a half years old (why did we ever give up telling people we're this old and a half?), I'm finding myself really enjoying things like personal essays, themed parties, and career advice that goes beyond how to nail the interview. Thank you, internet, for being there for your 30 year old gal. 

10 Websites to Love in Your 30's - wear she blossoms

Man Repeller

I'll admit that I didn't "get" the whole Man Repeller aesthetic when I first stumbled across it years ago. But I must admit I'm embracing more eclectic looks and Leandra's more is more approach to accessorizing. Plus Man Repeller has evolved into more of a community for women to share advice and experiences with adult friendships, difficult relationships, and fertility struggles to name a few. It's wonderfully written and I find myself visiting the site daily!

Darling Magazine

A quarterly print publication, Darling Magazine also has a website with powerfully written articles that speak to their eight different "types", everything from the intellectual to the dreamer. Composed of many different personal essays, it's easy to find something to connect to and to be inspired. 

The Everygirl

I'll admit: this was definitely a favorite in my 20's. Good content stands the test of time! Another website that runs the gamut from travel to style to friendship and beyond, there's something for everyone. Whenever I have a question about something, inevitably the solution will pop up in a wonderfully styled post on The Everygirl. 

Glitter Guide

Another website I enjoyed in my 20's and that will carry on into my 30's is Glitter Guide. As a new-ish homeowner (um, my artwork still isn't hung up...) I'm devour their home tours and I can always find something I "need" on their product round-ups. The whole site is bright and clean and you'll find so many things to help you live your best life. 

Create and Cultivate

Whether you're an entrepreneur, blogger, or just a regular old working lady, you'll find great career advice on Create and Cultivate. Posts range from finding your community to broaching those difficult subjects like pay raises and switching careers. The interviews with women in different industries offer unique perspectives on creating a career you love. A must-read site for us hardworking 30-somethings!

Into the Gloss

Turning 30 reminded me that you can't change the skin you're in. But you can make it better. Enter my latest obsession: Into the Gloss. Never heard of it? If you know the wildly popular skincare line, Glossier, this is the blog that started it all. Don't miss out on posts that peep into the medicine cabinets of It girls and girl bosses. You'll also get the latest and best ways to keep that baby face look.


My behind may be sitting on an Ikea couch but I'm dreaming of a beautifully handcrafted settee. With a mix of mudcloth and embroidered pillows piled high. Getting a little bit older makes me appreciate a well-designed space and visiting Design*Sponge on the daily gives me all the eye candy I need. 

The Stripe

Grace Atwood's fashion blog has been a favorite for her very relatable (aka not size 2) style and her practical advice. Now she's dishing more about friendships, relationships, and staying healthy and it's like visiting the page of your wiser and more sophisticated BFF.

Oh Happy Day!

Anyone want to come over for some wine and cheese? Okay, well then be prepared for cute patterned cocktail napkins with coordinating paper plates and a funky colorful table cloth. And then I'm going to make you do a fun DIY project with me. Oh Happy Day is fueling my stay-at-home-and-look-cute-while-doing-it mentality with their fun party ideas and easy and adorable DIYs. Plys I have a whole lot more time to craft since I gave up on going out at night #homebodyforlife. 

The Mama Notes

Nope, not pregnant. But I know a lot of lovely ladies who are or who have a baby (or even babies! When did we did we get to be grown ups?) The Mama Notes is so pretty and has so much inspiration for mamas or mamas-to-be. You'll be inspired by capsule wardrobes, travel tips, and must-have products to make life with baby so much easier. 

What blogs/websites are making you happy now?