Three Style Mantras to Follow in 2018 (+ a FREEBIE!)

New year, new post! I'm so excited to kick off 2018 here on Wear She Blossoms. While drinking mimosas and eating lots of chips and guac on New Year's Day, I started planning. I put together all my big goals for my little space here. There's so much I want to make happen in 2018 and I can't wait to share it. 

One of the things I'm excited to take on this year is sharing more of my process for and thoughts on intentional style. For me intentional style is shopping for, buying, and creating outfits that support me. I strongly believe that having an outfit that gives you confidence, starts those creative juices flowing, and makes you happy is so powerful. Let's get more of that in 2018! 

Now if we're talking intentional style, we've got to talk style mantras. I love quotes. I have a whole notebook of quotes I've collected over the years that inspire me. Everything from romantic quotes from The Notebook to bad ass girl boss quotes. Every so often I pick one or a few to become a mantra, something I post up in my house, write in my agenda, and reflect on daily. A good mantra guides me to make thoughtful decisions and reflect on whether my decisions align with my goals. For 2018 I chose three quotes to be style mantras that will guide me towards intentional style choices and happy, confident style.  

Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms
Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms

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Make it simple but significant. - Don Draper

This Mad Men quote is such a powerful statement on design and style. You don't have to choose the flashiest item on the shelf to make a statement. Strong and powerful style can come from bold colors that make you light up or simple details that make you happy. Forever I thought of pink as too girl and unsophisticated. I have no idea why. But right now I can't get enough of it! It literally makes me so happy to wear the color pink. It's so simple but makes such a big impact on me. 

I'm also using this quote to remind to stay mindful when purchasing clothes. A white t-shirt is not the most exciting purchase but do you know what it can do for your closet? It's those seemingly insignificant purchases that I really want to make with intention. I also want to be aware of how I invest in trends. When I buy something that's very on trend in the moment, is it going to make me happy and feel great for more than just a day or two? 

Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms
Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms

Real style is never right or wrong. It's a matter of being yourself on purpose. - G. Bruce Boyer

If you've ever struggled to maintain your own personal style and not experiment with a billion different things, I feel you. Experimenting with style is normal and so, so necessary to figure out who you are style-wise and what makes you feel good. It's like that "emo" phase from high school or the time I went 100% prep and only wore pearl accessories and collared shirts for six months. But lately I'm starting to really find my focus in that sweet spot of what looks good on me, the colors and styles I love, and what makes me feel amazing. There are lots of ideas of what to wear (uh hum Pinterest) but it's so important to do a little experimenting and choose those things that make you feel confident and happy. 

Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms
Three Style Mantras for 2018 - Wear She Blossoms

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and, every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself. - Nina Garcia

While your outfits are an expression of you, so are the items that make the outfit. I believe deeply in supporting small businesses and lady-owned brands. We are so lucky to have the online community to expose us to people doing great things. I want more of that in 2018. So I'm going to work harder to support the makers and the ladies doing great things by shopping and wearing those brands. 

My style over the years has changed and matured but a few things have stayed the same. I like funky designs and splashes of color. I like bold accessories. Sometimes those things aren't always reflected in the current trends. Which means styling to the beat of my own drum, if you will. But this year I'm giving myself permission to do me and not second guess it. It's time to focus on how I want to look and feel, no matter what the rest of the world is doing. 

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