Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive The Polar Vortex

Happy Friday ladies! I'm coming to you right now from my couch, under two blankets, on the second snow day in a row. It sounds way better than it really is. Honestly, I'm getting a bit stir crazy and thinking of braving the snowy streets for a Dunkin Donuts run. Don't worry; it's only a ten minute walk. But I might just stick with the Keurig since I don't have nearly enough layers for this crazy cold weather. 

The only way to survive this freezing cold weather in New Jersey, besides lots of hot beverages and blankets, is having the right thing to wear. Now I strongly believe in wearing what you love (for me that's every type of blush colored flat) but when a polar vortex strikes, you have to be practical. So I put those flats away until spring and here's what I pull out of my closet. Or order online, because what else is a girl to do when she's stuck inside?

Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex
Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex
Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex

One warm winter coat (but two is better) -  Obviously winter weather calls for a really good winter coat. My coat of choice is puffy and long enough to cover my butt. A nice furry hood is also an option. I actually have two winter coats: a big, nondescript black puffer for freezing temps and my absolute favorite pink wool coat from J.Crew Factory (isn't it so pretty?!?).

A puffer coat is great for keeping you warm but it's not great for every winter occasion. Sometimes you have to be dressed up. That's why I invested in a wool coat that can be worn when I just want to dress up.

Check out some more winter coats:

The classic chunky knit sweater - I may not like winter but I LOVE sweater weather. Just ask Nick. His most common response lately is "Not another sweater." But they're so cozy! And warm! My latest addiction is every type of over-sized chunky knit. This H&M sweater is the warmest and basically goes with everything. Even if your husband says no more sweaters, I believe in you, get another big sweater! 

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Sturdy winter boots - it is impossible to survive winter without winter boots. I feel like winter boots are having a "moment" right now. You've gotta love when crazy weather forces everyone to be practical! And yes, you've seen my winter boots on here before. No shame here; these boots are easily seven or eight years old but they have stood the test of MANY winters, as a good pair of boots should. 

Check out some more great winter boots:

Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex
Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex
Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex
Winter Weather Essentials to Help You Survive the Polar Vortex

Cute (but useful) winter accessories - no great outfit is complete without accessories and the same thing goes for getting bundled up to brave the winter weather. Hats, scarves, and plush gloves are all necessary when the temperatures drop anywhere below 40 degrees. Right now my hat of choice is a double pom pom one that's equal parts ridiculous and fun. Another favorite winter accessory is a pair of "tech" gloves: gloves with fingertips that work on a touch screen phone. Also, don't make it match. Matching winter accessories is cute when you're little but now it's fun to mix it up with coordinating styles like plaid and stripes. 

Check out some more cold weather accessories:

Pants that you can tuck in - in the fall I was obsessed with flare jeans and I love the way they look. But winter is boots weather (see above). Tucking pants into those boots is necessary for two reasons: it protects your pants and looks pretty good too. Of course, tights and skirts are totally acceptable for when it's cold out but, when it's a polar vortex, I tend to stick to pants.

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Fleece lined everything - winter's secret weapon is FLEECE. Give me all the fleece things! Fleece-lined leggings are so essential for these cozy snow days and they even withstand shoveling out in the cold (yes, I did it and survived). You've probably already noticed that everyone and their mother has a fleece pullover this winter and you know what? Let's do it! It's easy to layer it up or just lounge around in. 

Check out some winter-ready fleece:

A cold weather care kit - part of being ready for polar vortexes and bomb cyclones and whatever new weather phenomenon they come up with, is what you're wearing. The other part is keeping you skin, make-up, and hair looking good. In the winter I love to throw a little cosmetic bag full of cold weather beauty essentials. It is stocked with a mini hair brush to combat hat hair, chap stick to keep my lips hydrated, and a little bottle of lotion for dry skin and hands. I'll also throw in hair ties and some waterproof mascara (because that winter wind makes my eyes water like nobody's business!). 

Check out my favorite items to add to a cold weather care kit:

What are some of your favorite winter weather essentials?