Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom And My Favorite Not-Mommy Mom Blogs

When I first found out I was pregnant, it felt like January was so far in the future. I couldn’t imagine our spare bedroom being a soft pink-white with a brand new dresser and crib in there. Actually I couldn’t even imagine that until a month ago since it was mostly filled with huge unopened boxes.

We’ve been gifted and invested in plenty of baby products that we heard are good (maybe I’ll report back from the other side in March, if you’re curious). Oh, and we’ve visited the hospital. Nothing feels more real than standing in the place where you’re going to do something like give birth. I also watched more videos of live births than I ever thought I would.

Honest Thoughts About Becoming a Mom - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming a Mom - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom - wear she blossoms

Sitting here in the final weeks of being pregnant for the first time, I want to be honest that it hasn’t been easy. I admire the women who go into it wholeheartedly ready for this weird process of growing a new life. It is SO exciting, don’t get me wrong, but it is also so demanding. I miss Wawa hoagies and being able to enjoy a happy hour glass of wine every once in awhile. I also miss being able to shop for cute clothes, even if I really shouldn’t be. I miss putting on my shoes without being annoyed that they have laces or being annoyed by the effort. Yes, I went out and bought the above amazing boots from Target over the weekend. They’re comfortable, I love the way they look, and NO LACES.

With that being said, being a mom was something I always imagined but wasn’t sure I wanted. Sometimes I wonder why Nick and I are upsetting our life. I LOVE our life. We have fun together. There’s lots of free time right now to visit breweries and eat at funky restaurants and take the train to NYC or drive into Philly. Being a teacher is demanding as it is. Am I really ready to come home and have more “work”?

But despite all the discomfort, the sleepless nights (yes, already), the fact that we’re changing up our comfortable life, there is so much I’m excited for. Like the fact that Nick and I get to bring a “mini us” into this silly little family we’re building. I’m getting to experience something that I used to think about when I was younger and arranging my dolls in their fancy canopy bed. And let’s just go back to the fact that I was able to create and grow a life. Who is making it impossible for me to experience life without heartburn.

Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom and The Best Non-Mommy Mom Blogs - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom and The Best Non-Mommy Mom Blogs - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom and The Best Non-Mommy Mom Blogs - wear she blossoms
Honest Thoughts About Becoming A Mom - wear she blossoms

sweater: similar, vest: j.crew factory, maternity jeans: target, scarf: similar here and here, boots: target

I’m sharing all this because I wanted to be honest about this emotional roller coaster that becoming a mom really is. Early on I felt guilty because I was more nervous and unsure than excited and ready. But I’m learning that there is no easy or simple way to become a mom. You just got to do it and hope your ankles will return some day.

I’m lucky to have so much support as I get used to being a mom. While there are some amazing women in my life, I also found a great community online of women who have been there and done that when it comes to diaper changes and baby leggings. And whether you’re pregnant now, a mom already, or thinking that all of this is maybe/sorta/could be in your future, I wanted to share the best “mom” blogs and posts that helped me.

The Everymom

It was really exciting to find out that the founders of one of my favorite websites (The Everygirl) decided to launch a new motherhood-focused website. I usually catch up on the posts on The Everymom on Friday evenings when I used to have a glass of white wine. It’s almost as good as a crisp Sauvignon Blanc but with way more advice on what you really need for baby, adding diversity to your baby’s library, and real talk about how amazing and difficult it is to become a mom. My only real wish for The Everymom is more posts, please!

Favorite posts: The Everymom’s Maternity Pants Shopping Guide // Your Body Isn’t the Same After Baby - And That’s Okay // Our Editors Share Their Most-Used Baby Gear

The Mama Notes

Similar to The Everymom, this website shares posts about all aspects of motherhood and pregnancy. Written by Caitlin Kruse, formerly of The Glitter Guide, many posts come from her perspective as a mom of two little girls. I love it for its variety of posts from beauty to packing a hospital bag.

Favorite posts: All My Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products // What’s in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2 // All My Pregnancy and Postpartum Essentials

But First, Coffee

I’ve followed Kallie for years, ever since she was a beauty blogger, and now I’m loving watching her as a mom to Miles. What keeps me reading Kallie’s blog is her candid and honest. I appreciate that she doesn’t recommend baby products that cost thousands of dollars (she recently shared a cute baby bouncer that’s $25 on her Instagram story and it’s now on my list). She makes me feel better about my nerves and that I’m ready for this little baby.

Favorite posts: My Must-Have Items for Baby’s First Month // 5 Things It’s Completely OK to Feel During Pregnancy // What I Actually Used in My Hospital Bag

Viklund Made

Brittany is another internet person I’ve been following for a long time. I first “discovered” her when she shared her story about being Miss Oklahoma on Gala Darling way, way back when I was in college and just reading blogs. Now she’s a mom to two adorable boys under two. A lot of her best mama advice and insight is shared on Instagram, in her stories in particular, but she also posts occasionally on her blog and I’ve devoured many of her posts. It’s really interesting to see how she raises her boys with a vegan lifestyle and she shares what she feeds her oldest on Instagram. Plus she’s a former early childhood educator so she knows her stuff when it comes to developmental books, toys, and practices.

Favorite posts: Hospital Bag, Hospital Tips, and What to Have Ready When You Return Home with Baby // Fave Baby Books 0-6 Months // A Week of Vegetarian Toddler Meals

Taking Cara Babies

While I have yet to commit to the online newborn sleep class (which has been recommended over and over), I’ve dug through tons of posts on this more recent blog read. Cara is a former neonatal nurse and wife of a pediatrician so I feel like she knows her stuff when it comes to newborn sleep. And since I like sleep, I’ve been reading a LOT of Taking Cara Babies.

And some mamas I love following on Instagram…

I’ll be honest: I don’t always sit down to read blogs. One goal for 2019 is to conquer more of the backlog on my Bloglovin’ feed. So a lot of the inspiring moms and mom/pregnancy advice I found is on Instagram.

Lauren Kay Sims - Lauren is a fashion/lifestyle blogger who has a huge following. She recently gave birth to her adorable daughter Shiloh and I love that she shared her pregnancy and now her postpartum style. Shopping for maternity and nursing-friendly clothes can be overwhelming so I love her tips and round-up posts.

Signe Hugghins - Signe used to be a style blogger but now documents her life in small town Texas raising her two adorable kids. She always dresses her son and daughter in the cutest clothes that are giving me baby style inspiration.

Courtney Nicole Ramsey - I love her earthy, honest mom style. She shares a lot of candid and honest thoughts about life with little ones and I just love how she captures their life in her photos.