How I'm Shopping My Closet for My Maternity Style

Thank goodness it’s finally starting to feel like fall around here. I am a summer girl through and through but this year, I’m ready to shut down the season and say see you next year. Part of it is definitely the sticky, unbearably humid weather that dominated the New Jersey summer.

Another part of it is being pregnant. Sure, it took awhile for me to “pop” but nothing actually fit well even before I was showing. By the end of August I was down to one pair of jean shorts and a handful of dresses. Getting dressed and putting together outfits became such a chore.

So why didn’t I just buy some things that fit my changing body? Maternity clothes, I’m finding, are unnecessarily expensive for something you’re only going to wear for a few months. Target, like always, is my saving grace but the selection is limited.

Rather than shopping endlessly for things, I started going through my own closet and pulling things that will work for me and my bump as we head into cooler weather. There’s a couple of pieces that go from “regular” wear to simple but stylish maternity looks.

How I'm Shopping My Own Closet for Maternity Style - wear she blossoms
How I'm Shopping My Own Closet for Maternity Style - wear she blossoms
How I'm Shopping My Own Closet for Maternity Style - wear she blossoms
How I'm Shopping My Own Closet for Maternity Style - wear she blossoms

tank top: target, cardigan: similar, pants: similar, sunglasses: similar, flats: similar

Jogger pants

I’m very thankful for the rise in more casual style, especially in the workplace. Jogger pants are literally everywhere right now and they definitely work for a changing body. The elastic waistband is your friend. I started with it at my waist but now that I don’t technically have a waist, it’s sitting below it. I also love that joggers are cuffed and add definition to my legs. At least those are somewhat the same!

Tunic tops

Buying flowy tunics for years was the best investment. I’ve never loved tight clothing but now it works in my favor. It’s so easy to throw on a tunic over maternity leggings and jeans. Then I can actually look decent and feel comfortable!

Button downs as layering pieces

Wearing a button down became difficult in the first trimester mostly due to, umm, my chest. But I have a bunch in my closet that I love to wear, especially in the fall. My solution? Unbutton and layer up! Paired with some fitted Target maternity tanks, they’re great for this early fall weather.


I LOVE cardigans. I used to be all Jessica Day with my bright colorful cardigans from J.Crew Factory. In the last couple years I started stocking up on longer, looser, more cozy cardigans. Those cardigans are going to be the ones that get me through this pregnancy, I guarantee it. They go over everything without pulling or stretching, which is the way most of my normal clothes are starting to fit.

Tank tops

One side effect of pregnancy: being really, really warm. So even though we’re heading into fall, I’m still all about the tank tops. My favorite loose tanks from Target are great, layered under light sweaters or with my go-to cardigans.

More maternity style staples…