What I'm Loving from Trader Joe's in October

Whew, last week. I was riding high on a second trimester burst of energy but for some reason last week I was back to being a tired hot mess. Part of me thinks it’s the sudden dip in temperature and, like a very hungry bear, I’m getting ready to hibernate after eating all the things. If I haven’t said it enough, being pregnant is weird.

Do you know what makes me feel better? Finding new things at Trader Joe’s. When you can’t really shop for cute fall clothes, you might as well turn to food. The hunt for delicious, new, and unusual things at TJ’s is my new entertainment AND my new cardio. Again, being pregnant is weird.

There are plenty of things I love and have loved from Trader Joe’s, like their Mandarin Orange chicken and garlic herb pizza dough. There’s very little I won’t buy Trader Joe’s, especially when it comes to beauty products and frozen foods. But there are products every so often that just stand out and these are the things I’m loving from Trader Joe’s right now.

What I'm Loving From Trader Joe's in October - wear she blossoms

Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub

This is my most recent TJ find and omg am I in love. This smells AMAZING and comes in a pretty pink tube (definite bonus). I love how it scrubs off all the dead skin but moisturizes as it goes. Definitely going to pick up a couple tubes for winter!

Organic Brown Sugar Toaster Pastry

These are definitely my guilty pleasure, okay-I’m-pregnant snack but I had to share them because they’re so delicious. They don’t taste as overly sweet and artificial as a Pop Tart. I definitely recommend them.

Salt and Pepper Potato Chips

I bought these on whim to go with BBQ sandwiches and now I’m fully addicted. They have just the right amount of salt and spice, with a touch of barely detectable jalapeno powder. They’re also thick and crunchy. I have to hide the bag so I won’t eat them all.

What I'm Loving From Trader Joe's in October: their Coconut Body Butter smells sooo good!
What I'm Loving From Trader Joe's in October - wear she blossoms

Coconut Body Butter

Moisturizer is my best friend nowadays and will be even more so as we head into colder weather. I decided to try the big tub of coconut body butter because it was pretty cheap, like most things at TJ’s. It’s maybe $6 and it’s totally worth it. First, it smells heavenly, a cross between coconut and vanilla. It’s a super thick and creamy formula that really, really keeps your skin soft.

Frozen Organic Brown Rice

The frozen organic brown rice is a new pantry staple. I hate making any sort of grain, whether it’s rice or quinoa. I always make a big mess and it takes forever. This box of rice contains three frozen packets that can be popped in the oven and be ready in 3 minutes. It’s amazingly delicious and fresh tasting for something that’s so quick and easy.

Vanilla Pumpkin and Honeycrisp Apple Candles

I feel a bit guilty adding these to the list but if your Trader Joe’s happens to still have candles in stock, RUN and get yourself some! They smell so good and they’re under $4. I’m so sad that they’re sold out at my local store but my mom asked and they’re definitely coming out with holiday candles so get ready!

If you have some of your own Trader Joe’s recommendations, leave them below, I’d love to check them out!

What I'm Loving From Trader Joe's in October - wear she blossoms