How I Built a Fall Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Dressing a baby bump sounds cute, in theory. When you search the internet, most ladies look adorable with their tiny little bump. But haven’t we all learned that the internet is one big lie anyway?

The problem of dressing a growing bump is not something easily solved. I have googled, I have scoured Pinterest, and I have asked every pregnant friend what to do about this whole problem of getting dressed. There are no clear answers.

I ended up focusing on two main problems I’m having: not wanting to buy tons of new clothes and needing to have a wardrobe that works for teaching and the weekends.

Since I’m not about to drop a lot of money on a new wardrobe, my maternity wardrobe has three functions: to dress me for work, to dress me on the weekends, and to keep me comfortable with my belly fully covered. My regular closet covers multiple purposes so why shouldn’t my maternity one?

I’m asking a lot out of my closet for the next little while. And at first it was extremely overwhelming. I may or may not have shed a few tears in frustration. Then I decided to use a styling strategy that I haven’t always been a fan of: a capsule wardrobe.

How I Built a Fall Maternity Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How I Built a Fall Maternity Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How I Built a Fall Maternity Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How I Built a Fall Maternity Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms

maternity jeans: target, top: pink blush, necklace: oliver bonas, shoes: target (old)

Why a maternity capsule wardrobe is the perfect solution

Earlier this year I shared how I outfit plan without using a capsule wardrobe (if you’ve never heard of a capsule wardrobe, read up over there). I love clothes so the idea of a capsule wardrobe feels constraining when I like to dress for the mood, the weather, or just because I want to wear something new.

However, when it comes to maternity dressing, a capsule wardrobe is the perfect solution. When you’re desperately trying to determine what fits AND what goes together, having a planned set of clothes that do just that is a huge relief. When you’re trying to stay on a budget, having a plan for what you have and what you need is amazing.

How I planned my maternity capsule wardrobe

The thing about any capsule wardrobe is that it takes some planning. While I feel my whole life has become one big planning session, now that I have it mostly completed, I feel so much focused and comfortable about getting dressed each morning.

As I put my maternity capsule wardrobe together, there were a few things that really helped make it easy and cohesive.

Separating what fit from what didn’t

The very first thing was determining what I already owned that fit over my belly and what didn’t. As uncomfortable as it is trying things on, it made a huge difference in making the most out of what I already own.

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Because I have a walk-in closet, I was also able to physically separate the clothes that are a part of the maternity capsule wardrobe. That way when I’m getting dressed before work I can easily see my options.

Choosing a simple color palette

I LOVE color and patterns and having a wardrobe that will reflect that. However, as I started compiling my clothes for my maternity capsule wardrobe, the color palette was totally different. I am focusing mostly on gray, black, cream, oatmeal, and other neutrals. Why? It’s what a lot of maternity pieces come in, at least the ones that don’t look maternity. But don’t worry: I’m throwing in a pop of color on my accessories and shoes!

Filling in the gaps and focusing on staple pieces

Creating a maternity capsule wardrobe also required one big mindset shift: buying “boring” pieces. I love a great statement piece like my favorite yellow polka dot top or my bright pink work pants. When I shop, I often look for those pieces unless I’m replacing a wardrobe staple.

While building my fall capsule wardrobe I realized that I wasn’t replacing staple pieces or searching for unique pieces. I was finding staple pieces that would work with a changing body. After separating the useful pieces from my current closet, I figured out where I had gaps in my most commonly worn (a.k.a. boring) pieces. Then I searched for those in the maternity section.

What’s in my capsule wardrobe

How I Built a Fall Maternity Wardrobe - wear she blossoms

maternity leggings // striped tunic // maternity jeans // olive jumpsuit (also available in black!) // rose cardigan // maternity tank top

Black leggings

I’m living in leggings because stretchy comfort is life. Buying a good quality maternity pair has made all the difference in wearing them at work and at home.

Black work pants (boot cut and skinny)

White and oatmeal sweaters

Chambray shirt

A black jumpsuit

When I decided to invest in one item that would be a little “fancier”, I went with a jumpsuit from Target. I’ve been able to use accessories to dress it up and my jean jacket and Converses to dress it down.

Denim jacket

Cardigans in neutral colors

Tunic tops in neutral colors

When leggings are life, you need all the tunic tops possible. I also love that I will probably wear these postpartum and beyond. I love an oversized top.

Maternity tank tops

Maternity jeans

I seriously could not survive without my maternity jeans. They’re not super fancy, they just make me feel like a normal person.