Sunday Letter, No. 5: On Changes, Waiting, and Accepting

Sunday Letter, Vol. 5: On Changes, Waiting, and Accepting - wear she blossoms

I’m not a person who has trouble with change. I actually like change. It’s a chance for me to adapt, reflect, and re-imagine. When things change, I meet new people, try new things, and have the opportunity to let go of other things.

The thing I struggle with is waiting. Waiting for things to change. Waiting for a new season of life to happen. Waiting and waiting and waiting: I hate it.

Personally, I feel like I’ve been in a season of waiting for a long time. When I finally realized that I definitely, 100% wanted to start my family, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. There was waiting to find the right doctor to help us. Waiting for the first appointment. Waiting for the timing to be right. It was a painful moment in time, where what I wanted wasn’t lining up with my effort or vision.

But now I’m waiting for my daughter to be here. By buying lots of clothes, so the waiting isn’t so bad this time. I’m still a ball of anxiousness, excitement, and nervousness. I don’t know how this change will effect our lives, but it will in a deep and profound way. But I’m welcoming the change and it’s a much less painful time because I’m hopeful and ready for the outcome.

The waiting season I’ve been in makes me think about what’s going on in the news. It feels like the country is just waiting for a change. But the waiting process is painful. I had to avoid the news and social media multiple times in the past week in order to just breathe and find focus. There’s hope that change will come but we have to wait and it’s so, so hard.

Being stuck in the waiting game for awhile now, there are a few things that make accepting changes and waiting for them a little easier.

  1. Accept the wait - fighting the waiting period is so hard. Trying to rush it is only going to cause more stress. Accept that you’re going to have to wait because some things just come on their own schedule. Now, I’m not saying you have to accept a terrible change, just that you may have to wait for things to turn out the way you want.

  2. Take action - just because you’re in a season of waiting doesn’t mean you can’t make moves towards your goal. Right now that means prepping every little thing before the baby arrives. It also means making sure the people I come in contact with are registered to vote and are informed voters.

  3. Don’t quit your daydream - again, waiting is hard. I’m the type of person who needs it to happen RIGHT NOW. When it doesn’t, I can get really frustrated and stop believing. So whether you’re all “don’t stop believin’” or “don’t quit your daydream”, the thing is you have to keep thinking it’s going to happen. When you’re stuck in the waiting season, it feels easier to let go. But you can’t. Remember and believe it’s going to happen and it will. I honestly believe this and you should too.

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