Five Ways You Can Beat the Dreaded Sunday Scaries

I absolutely love Sundays in the fall. The slow lazy mornings that are perfect for brunch at home and afternoons watching football and eating all the things. It’s the perfect day for relaxing…until the realization that tomorrow is Monday kicks in.

While I do really love my job as teacher, it’s also stressful, frustrating, and challenging most days. So a little bit of anxiety starts to creep in midway through Sunday. It’s the worst feeling ever: I stop enjoying the day and start fast forwarding to everything that could (but probably won’t) go wrong during the week. It is the Sunday Scaries indeed.

But it’s my belief that we don’t have to live this way! There are two full days in every weekend and they deserve to be enjoyed! And now that I’ve yelled at you enough, here are the five things that I’m using to help me beat the dreaded Sunday Scaries.

Five Ways You Can Beat the Dreaded Sunday Scaries - wear she blossoms
Five Ways You Can Beat the Dreaded Sunday Scaries - wear she blossoms

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Light your favorite candles and put on a calming playlist

Candles are my favorite form of self-care. I choose a scent that’s calming and/or delicious. If you’re looking for a good one, my favorite candles are always from Candelles (and they just launched their holiday collection which is SO good). Or you can wait until Trader Joe’s comes out with their new candles for this season.

Then it’s time to cue up something calming on Spotify. There are two feelings I want when I’m burning candles and listening to music on a Sunday: like I’m hanging out in a high-end spa or starring in a dramatic movie montage. I usually go with the Acoustic Covers playlist or Favorite Coffeehouse playlist. And you can always add a cup of tea or coffee to really get cozy and relaxed (decaf for me please!).

Mind dump your to-do list

Most of my anxious feelings comes from going over and over what I need to do in my mind. That’s why doing a “brain dump” is my favorite thing to do on a Sunday. Basically I grab my planner, or sometimes just a notebook, and dump all the tasks for the coming week into a giant list.

It works so well because it takes everything that feels crazy and stressful and puts it in one little list. Often when it’s circulating through my mind, it feels overwhelming and like the tasks are huge. But when I put it down on paper, it’s maybe five very manageable tasks. Plus I hold myself to the Write It and Forget It rule: once it’s on paper, you forget about it until you’re ready to take care of it.

Plan and eat really good “cheat” meals

The weekends are about indulging in the good life and nothing says “good” like a really good “cheat” meal. Even though I’m not on a diet, I try to eat healthy and whole foods for most of the week.

I won’t concede whether eating really good meals on Sunday is actually cheating but it does help beat the Sunday Scaries. I always look forward to eating good food, to indulging in a little dessert, and not thinking about the week to come.

Five Ways You Can Beat the Dreaded Sunday Scaries - wear she blossoms
Five Ways You Can Beat the Dreaded Sunday Scaries - wear she blossoms

Do one thing you can’t do during the week

Whenever I have a random day off during the work week, I get so excited to do things that I don’t do or have the energy to do when I’m on the 9-to-5 schedule (or in my case, 7:45 to 4:30 schedule, ugh). Whether it be a trip to Target to just wander the aisles or sit at a coffee shop with a honey lavender latte and write, it’s calming and fills me up.

That’s why it’s important to make time to something outside of your normal on the weekend. Usually we get so caught up in doing errands and having plans with a bunch of other people. Sometimes the best way to beat the dreaded Sunday Scaries is to do something for you. And make it out of the norm.

Some ideas to get your started: visit a museum solo, go on a photo walk (get those colorful leaf pictures, lady!), sit for an hour or more at your favorite coffee shop, clean the house at a leisurely pace (if you’re an overachiever or just like to clean).

Make plans that keep you from thinking too much

Sometimes you just need a good distraction to beat the Sunday Scaries. Sunday is the perfect time to make plans with friends or families. Brunch is a great standby, though it can be extra crowded on a Sunday. Go shopping just for fun and do a try-on session. My only advice is to not do your day drinking on a Sunday; that just leads to Monday morning regrets.

What are you favorite ways to beat the Sunday Scaries?

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Five Ways You Can Beat the Sunday Scaries - wear she blossoms