A Few Things I Learned About Myself This Fall

November is such a weird month. Just last week I was enjoying the most beautiful leaves on my street and now I’m staring at these scraggly brown branches. And can you believe there’s snow in the forecast?!? I mean, I am seriously not ready to break out my boots and winter coat but, as they say, winter is coming.

I thought this week, right in the middle of my busiest time, would be a good time for me to reflect on the last couple of months. While it felt stagnant at times, this fall brought in a growth and change period for me. Nick and I have toned down a lot of our “adventuring” ways and are spending more quiet time at home. Obviously being pregnant changed so many things but it definitely changed the way I dress and see myself now, both physically and mentally. I learned a lot about myself in this quiet in-between time and it’s really solidifying how I want to approach life in my 30’s.

What I Learned About Myself This Fall - wear she blossoms
What I Learned About Myself This Fall - wear she blossoms
What I Learned About Myself This Fall - wear she blossoms
What I Learned About Myself This Fall - wear she blossoms
What I Learned About Myself This Fall - wear she blossoms

Home is where my heart is.

I’ve always been an introvert and a homebody but I also love change and adventure. Since finding out I was pregnant, I really started to crave more time at home. Most of it was just being exhausted through the summer months but I’ll admit that it’s not the only reason. I’m ready for a more calm life. I’m loving making my home a cozy nest. I started trying out more recipes, something I used to do all the time and somehow got away from.

This doesn’t mean my travel list is any shorter. I was just telling Nick last night that we should plan a trip to Sweden next year (I mean, babies love long plane trips, right?). It’s just that home is a good place too. Even if the lighting isn’t always good for Instagram all the time.

There’s no time for comparison.

It was in the last few months that I realized I was playing the comparison game way, way too much. Between blogging, teaching, and being a mom-to-be, there are so many things that felt like “must do’s” and “should be’s”. Like I should be doing prenatal yoga like a good mom even if I’m so tired I can’t sit up. I must not be a good enough teacher if all the fonts on my posters are different. I couldn’t even put together my annual “Book Cafe” lesson for this group of kids.

Not to mention the outfit I’m wearing in this post. I was like, does it look fall enough? Is it okay I’m wearing this big regular sweater that’s not made for maternity? And don’t even start with the fact that it’s from last season. Good bloggers don’t post last season’s looks.

Compare, compare, compare. At times it felt crippling to think of what I should do, must do, and what others are doing. It pushed me into a creative rut and I started blogging less. I was constantly disappointed in what I was wearing. I felt stuck

There is no time for comparison if you want to move forward. I would have stayed stuck in a rut if I kept worrying about what everyone is doing. That’s why I’m sharing this outfit. It makes ME happy and hopefully shows that you don’t have to dress like everyone else is this season. And there’s way too much to do and enjoy instead of worrying about what’s going on on Instagram.

Self-care is getting to know and accept yourself.

This is a continuing development of my 30’s. Turning 30 last year brought me this amazing calm and peace. That feeling went through a bit of upheaval earlier this year but I’m back to pursuing calm that focuses on getting to know myself as I am and accepting it.

It’s not hard to get trapped by the feeling that we have to change. That message is everywhere on the internet. Yes, change and development is good. But you need to balance that with understanding who you are, your strengths and your limitations.

I’m accepting who I am in this moment, flaws and all. I’m also getting to know who I am, all the weird bits and pieces that make me up at this moment in my life. Part of that has been writing more and giving myself grace to not do everything all the time. I’m learning that self-care isn’t just #facemaskfriday.