Sunday Letter, No. 6: Change is Inevitable

Sunday Letter, Vol. 6: Change is Inevitable - wear she blossoms

Sunday, we meet again. If there is one thing I like about the cold weather, it’s the cozy Sundays. This morning I baked up a big batch of cinnamon rolls (okay, they’re Pillsbury but still), lit a vanilla pumpkin scented candle, and opened the curtains to get a little of that bright winter-y morning light.

Usually in the fall I’m a little bit sad. I’m not a big fan of the change from summer. I hate watching everything get brown and die. I miss wearing only one layer. I can never really transition my summer sweaters into the fall. Above all, you know that winter is coming.

However this year I’m taking the change of seasons with a little more ease as I realize that change is inevitable. I am on the precipice of a HUGE change and normally that would make me a little antsy. Okay, so I probably am a little bit antsy; who isn’t when they’re expecting a brand new baby? But I’m definitely more at peace with making changes. And one of those changes includes blogging.

When I first made my announcement here that I was expecting our baby girl, I was honest in that I didn’t know what would happen with my blog. The only thing I was sure of was that I would keep blogging. And I’m sure I still will. Only it’s going to look different.

Through the summer and into the fall, there was a natural shift in my content. I’m blogging less but I’m happier with what I’m sharing with you (and I hope you are too!). I’ve never been a very good fashion blogger and you’ve probably noticed less and less style focused content on here. There are so many things I’m finding and new things I’m learning that my calendar is getting filled up with posts. It feels really, really good.

Wear She Blossoms at its heart is about wearing and doing what makes you happy. That’s what I want to encourage you to do always. By sharing my personal experiences and discoveries, I want to help you to be your most confident and happy self. So as this new chapter starts, if you have things that you love about Wear She Blossoms, that you want to see more of, I want to know! While this blog is a lot about what I find and enjoy, it’s here for YOU.

Change is inevitable and I knew in my heart that my blogging journey was going to chart a new course this year. I am ready and excited but also nervous. Basically, my new state of being! And I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.

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