The Black Friday Sales I ALWAYS Shop

The Black Friday Sales I ALWAYS Shop - wear she blossoms

It’s almost here: BLACK FRIDAY. I used to feel guilty for my love of Black Friday sales. I only ever went to stores once (and I only went to one: Target, of course). But you always see these news pieces about the “crazy” people who rush in through the automatic doors and rip packages from one another’s hands. So I felt guilty about being the type of crazy person who enjoys shopping the sales.

But no more! Black Friday sales are the BEST and I don’t care if that makes me crazy. Why would I give up the opportunity to snag really, really good gifts at a discount? I would say that I probably do 80% of my shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I will be a little ashamed and admit that I do sometimes hop online during Thanksgiving to take advantage of a few early sales. What else do you do while the turkey’s cooking?

The last several years I find myself buying from the same few sales over and over again. Most of these retailers are ones I know and love and buy from all year round who also seriously step it up during the holidays. Again, it’s possible to do all of your shopping before the calendar even turns to December and these are my tried-and-true spots to do it!

J.Crew Factory

I love J.Crew but you just can’t beat a J.Crew Factory sale. They hold sales pretty often all year but they take it to the next level for Black Friday.

What I usually buy at J.Crew Factory’s Black Friday sale: men’s socks and ties, men’s pants, men’s and women’s sweaters, men’s button down shirts, women’s blouses

Aerie and American Eagle

Okay, usually I shop Aerie’s Black Friday for myself. Treat yourself, you know what I mean? But I also find great things for my siblings-in-law and even my mom sometimes. You can also combine your Aerie finds with your American Eagle cart and get even more.

What I usually buy at Aerie/American Eagle’s Black Friday sale: cozy sweatpants, fuzzy socks and slippers, scarves and winter accessories, flannels, fleeces and fleece sweatshirts


For almost all other eleven months of the year, I don’t buy a single thing at Gap. Their sales are just not that good or they don’t have things that I absolutely love at a price point that I love. But on Black Friday, I usually grab a few things for Nick (these are his favorite work pants) and sometimes find something fun for my New Year’s Eve outfit.

What I usually buy at Gap’s Black Friday sale: men’s casual pants, women’s sweaters, women’s dresses

Barnes and Noble

Books are one of my favorite things to give at the holidays (shocker I know). It’s just so easy to find books for everybody’s individual interest. Books that make great gifts like cook books, coffee table books, and travel books are usually pretty expensive. That’s why Black Friday is the perfect day to shop.

What I usually buy at Barnes and Noble’s Black Friday sale: coffee table books, cook books, and all the travel guides


Basically any time Nordstrom has a sale, I’m there. They just have such a great selection of quality brands. I don’t buy a ton from Nordstrom on Black Friday but it’s a great place to pick up more expensive pieces for less for family members.

What I usually buy at Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale: shoes and boots, knits, men’s wear


Over the years I have bought many, many things at Target’s Black Friday sale. They do the sale day right. There are special deals in store so if you want to venture on in, you’ll probably find something good. There are sales in pretty much every department so you can get something for everyone on your list. Target, I love you and Black Friday.

What I usually buy at Target’s Black Friday sale: kitchen appliances, clothing basics, Target men’s lines like Goodfellow & Co., home decor, and anything random on my list because Target will definitely have it.

Are you doing some Black Friday shopping? Where are you planning on heading?