Making Me Happy Now: Holiday DIY Projects

It’s been a long time since I shared a Making Me Happy Now post on here but it’s back! If I had written any Making Me Happy posts in the last couple of months they might have been all about sleep, cozy sweatpants, and chocolate. Instead I’m bringing it back with a round-up of the DIY projects I can’t wait to make for the holidays.

Making Me Happy Now: Holiday DIY Projects - wear she blossoms

Every year I add a little bit more to my Christmas decor. I love adding a little more here and there, making it special and more magical, all while hoping Nick doesn’t notice it’s getting a little crazier each year.

But decking the halls can get expensive. Even when I try to do cheaper decorations, I inevitably spend more money trying to make them look not so cheap with fancy details. I also always want to have something that’s unique. Which is how I almost bought this metallic leaf wreath for $100 (but isn’t it amazing?!?). Because I’m cheap and I like things that are unique that’s why I made a whole list of holiday DIY projects that look easy and awesome to add to my holiday decor.

Holiday DIY projects for 2018:

I’ve been seeing sliced orange garlands all over Pinterest lately and I love how organic and fresh it looks with it’s bright orange color. And all you need is a bag of oranges and some string! I found a great, simple tutorial over on my latest blog obsession, Francoise et Moi. Erin has other holiday DIYs and lots of house project inspiration too.

Another great garland is this mylar pom pom garland from A Beautiful Mess (you’re going to see a lot of their posts on here but they’re such a great resource for simple DIY projects!). I can see this pom pom garland staying up through a New Year’s Eve party.

Making Me Happy Now: DIY Holiday Projects - a colorful banner advent calendar from Lovely Indeed

diy nativity advent calendar from Lovely Indeed

Anybody else have a Christmas village on display when they were a kid? Studio DIY’s colorful village post is so simple and so cute.

I’m definitely obsessed with bottle brush trees; Nick basically told me no more. So I think it’s time to add some different holiday trees like these non-traditional confetti cone trees. They’d look great as part of a colorful holiday table display.

Instead of doing a traditional evergreen wreath, it might be fun to a do a colorful paper wreath.

Or if you’re looking for a bit more of an intense but elegant looking DIY wreath, this cranberry wreath would be perfect (and I love the big bow they tied with it!).

This project has been on my list for years: a pom pom wreath. I love how they stuck with neutrals but I’m thinking of doing red, pink, and mint for a little more color and funkiness.

Making Me Happy Now: DIY Holiday Projects - a neutral pom pom wreath from Twine and Table

winter wonderland pom pom wreath from twine and table

It seems like everybody is jumping on advent calendars this season. Growing up my brother and I just shared the traditional chocolate kind and had to be careful that the dog didn’t try to break into it. But I’m thinking of making a reusable calendar to stuff with little gifts or chocolate, for me now and the baby later. This colorful banner calendar looks easy to make and would look so pretty hanging on our wall. I also just saw this stocking advent calendar, which is a whole lot bigger, but how adorable?!?

And what could be more fun than giant ornament pillows sitting on your couch?

‘Tis the season to decorate! Let me know: do you buy all your decorations or will you be DIY-ing?