The Best Things I Bought in 2018

In this time of crazy holiday shopping, I decided this was the right week to reflect on the best things I bought in 2018. This year I was on a bit of budget. Who am I kidding, every year I’m on a bit of budget! I’m working harder and harder to be mindful of our budget and make the most out of every purchase. Gone are the days when I would scoop up half a dozen new things at Forever 21. While shopping is fun, I feel like my money is better spent on experiences like really good pizza or travelling through giant redwood forests.

Since I always find posts about blogger’s “empties”, a.k.a most loved products, I thought I’d share what I bought and still love from this past year.

The Best Things I Bought in 2018 - wear she blossoms

bliss Mighty Marshmallow mask - I do love a good mask as you may know from my #facemaskfriday stories on Instagram (also saved as a highlight!). The bliss Mighty Marshmallow mask is definitely my favorite mask purchase of the year. It’s light and soft, smells amazing, and is pink. It moisturizes and plumps up skin in all the right ways too.

Minnetonka slippers - Minnetonka moccasins are my favorite shoes since they’re comfortable and cute. I’ve always wanted a pair of their cozy shearling-lined slippers but never pulled the trigger. Nick got these for me as a very early Christmas present and they’re just as heavenly and cozy as you could imagine. As soon as I’m home from work they’re on my feet.

Free People black jogger pants - getting pregnant really puts a hit on your wardrobe. The worst part was the transition from regular clothes being tight and uncomfortable to accepting a new life in maternity jeans. These jogger sweatpants from Free People were the perfect antidote to "nothing fits” and “I’m not ready for crazy high panel maternity pants”. They’re super soft and are slim enough to wear out as real pants. I wore them all over during our Pacific Northwest road trip and still wear them now at 33 weeks pregnant.

Mario Badescu facial spray - it’s a total surprise that this ended up on my best buys list but here we are. I’ve seen Mario Badescu’s facial sprays everywhere for years and always dismissed it as something “extra” for a beauty routine. What does it even do? Then I randomly dropped it in my basket at Ulta and now I know things. Like how to feel fresh in an instant in the sticky humid heat. Or how to give your skin a little pep talk about hydration. This spray is simple but such a perfect extra to throw in your handbag or make-up bag.

Can’t Clutch This subscription - Studio DIY is one of my favorite blogs to follow for all color inspiration. Kelly puts together such fun ideas. But I hesitated to jump on the bandwagon for their subscription, a monthly clutch. Finally, I was pushed over the edge with the announcement of the cactus clutch and haven’t looked back since. The clutch designs are always fun and I get tons of compliments on them. Plus I use them to organize bigger handbags and luggage and I’m sure they’ll come in handy next year for the diaper bag and car.

Pink Puma Vikky sneakers - sneakers are my least favorite type of shoe. No matter how comfortable they’ll be, I just don’t like the way they look. But I knew I needed some sort of sneaker to get me around for our big summer vacation. These Puma sneakers are super light, very comfortable, and don’t have that big bulky sneaker look. I wore them everywhere, from the city to the beach, and they withstood it all.

What did you “add to cart” in 2018?

The Best Things I Bought in 2018 - wear she blossoms