Five Things To Do Now To Get Ready For Your Happy New Year (and a giveaway!)

Can you believe we’re about to dive into a brand new year? It’s crazy that 2018 is about to come to a close. It was a year of many ups and downs and also a year of waiting. 2019 is going to be another big crazy year for me. I mean, January 1st marks one month until my due date!

The new year is the perfect time to set yourself up for a fresh start and to hit reset if you need to. It’s a time to evaluate, reflect, and create. We don’t know what’s to come in a new year but there are a five things I like to do now to get started on a happy new year.

5 Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Your Happy New Year - wear she blossoms

Grab a new planner and/or update the calendar app

There’s nothing that says “fresh new year, fresh start” than a new agenda or setting up your digital calendar. I’m a paper and pencil girl and love my Happy Planner. You can usually get a really good deal on one at Michael’s.

Setting up a new planner/calendar helps you see the year at a glance. Use your new calendar to set goals for the year or each month, or even each week if you’re ambitious! If being more organized is on your list for 2019, a new planner or calendar is the best place to start. And speaking of “resolutions”…

Set meaningful intentions, not resolutions

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions and don’t see any benefit to them. For the past couple of years, I’ve used the idea of intentions and goals with my students in the classroom and I see way more improvements and successes. Resolutions can often set us up for failure; we feel like we MUST make huge, sweeping improvements with little room for the craziness that often happens during the year. Resolutions can be a lot of pressure. Sometimes we even back away from bigger achievements because the pressure is too much.

Instead try setting an intention. What feeling do you want to carry through the year? What are small things you can do every day to make an impact on your year? These are two questions I ask myself before January 1st. It helps me set an intention and some smart, achievable goals. If you’re looking for structure without restriction, another popular alternative is to choose one word to represent your goals and intentions for the year. I’ve done it in the past and may try it again this year!

Make a change to improve your daily routine

It’s not until the disruption of the holidays that I realized my daily routine was stuck in a rut. It happens. Routines are good and keep us on track but sometimes you need to shake things up. It doesn’t even have to be a big change either.

A great place to start is with your daily beauty routine. If you’re looking and feeling confident on the outside, it’ll carry on on the inside. Thanks to an opportunity from my friends at Smile Brilliant, I was able to try out the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush.

The Smile Brilliant cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush (a giveaway!) - wear she blossoms

Using an electric toothbrush is something totally new for me. I’d never really thought much about my toothbrush (I mean, do you?) but my teeth and gums have become so sensitive since getting pregnant. I just kind of rushed through that part of my getting ready and nightly routines since it was totally uncomfortable for me.

The cariPRO managed to change that. It has five different settings, from whitening to my personal favorite, sensitive. The bristles are also soft, another plus for my sensitive teeth. And I love how easy it is to charge. Though I’ve been using it for weeks and haven’t needed to charge it yet!

Interested in adding a brand new electric toothbrush to your daily routine in the new year? Scroll to the bottom to find out how!

5 Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Your Happy New Year - wear she blossoms

Try something new or invest in a hobby

If a new year is truly a new start, it’s the perfect time to give something new a try. Any time is a good time to pick up a new hobby or do something you’ve been putting off.

Alternately you could restart an old hobby that got lost in the busyness of this year. I always find that I start projects with good intentions and then life gets in the way. One of intentions for this coming year is to FINISH. Of course, we’ll see how that goes. Something I’m looking forward to picking up again is knitting. The old lady in me is so happy!

Evaluate what you know isn’t working and start letting go

Finally, this last week between Christmas and the new year is always a good week for reflection. What I like to do is go through my planner and compare my goals to what I achieved. Taking everything into account, the highs and the lows, I decide what worked this year and what I need to let go of in order to move forward in a new year. Something I noticed about my year was that I made plans but my follow through wasn’t always consistent. That’s something I’d like to work on.

It’s important to evaluate your year without judging, even if you feel like you failed in some area. Be open and remember: new year means so many possibilities!

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