Sunday Letter, Vol. 7: On to a New Year

Here it is, the last Sunday of 2018. It truly was the best kind of Sunday: I spent all day doing nothing (a.k.a. bingeing reality Bravo TV) and now I’m snuggled up on the couch and ready to write. While I usually feel guilty about this kind of Sunday, I know these kind of Sundays won’t be around for much longer so I’m indulging in some lazy time.

I had originally planned a whole post reflecting on the year and sharing my plans for 2019 but I decided it would be better in a Sunday Letter post. When I haphazardly started this series my intention was to share more personal thoughts in my letters. And what’s more personal than sharing your thoughts on the ups and downs of another year?

Sunday Letter, vol. 7: Reflections on Another Year

This year was a strange one. It wasn’t bad per se, just very different from the rest of my adult years. If we’re starting with the “downs”, I would say that my biggest disappointment was not pushing myself to do more. It felt like I was stuck in a holding pattern created all on my own. I did less exploring, less creating, less blogging. We did have a pretty epic summer vacation, spending two weeks traveling up the northwest coast, but I still love those smaller, shorter trips and adventures that just didn’t happen this year.

Part of what kept this year so low key and less adventurous was our journey to get pregnant. It wasn’t easy and basically dominated the first half of our year (after doing the same in most of 2017). If you’re going through or have experienced any type of personal and private struggle, you know how consuming it can be. When we finally got the positive pregnancy test in May, it was like this huge sigh of relief. I felt like so much of my energy was wrapped up in that and finally I could go back to being a functioning person. Except for the insane morning sickness from June to September…

Sunday Letter, vol. 7: On to a New Year - wear she blossoms

So those were some of the downs. And you know, that’s sometimes that’s just how the year goes. I will say that the second half of the year was filled with incredible moments. Moments like telling our family and friends we were expecting, finding out that we’re expecting a girl, and hitting my stride in teaching. Sure, it’s only taken six years but I feel like I’m in a really smart and strong place as a teacher. I also continued to build some really great relationships in my life. At this point in my 30’s I’m really feeling the quality over quantity in all aspects of my life.

I also realized over and over again how lucky I am to have an incredible partner by my side to share this with. I could gush and Nick would hate it but one of the blessings this year is having our strong relationship. It was especially important during the tough times and incredibly awesome during the good times.

Sunday Letter, vol. 7: On to a New Year - wear she blossoms

And now what I want more of in 2019…

Between binges of Bravo TV, watching The Mindy Project, and doing a little bit of online shopping, I decided what I wanted to have more of in the new year. Like I shared in my post about getting ready for a happy new year (by the way, did you enter the giveaway yet?!?) prepping for a new year involves some reflecting, evaluating, and letting go. Then it’s time to decide your intentions for a fresh new year.

Get more creative

This past year I was really inspired by DIY bloggers. I love how they come up with the most incredible projects and find really simple techniques and tools to make things happen. Despite being inspired, I never actually did one of the many projects I bookmarked. Maybe this was why I felt really stuck in my writing, in taking photos, and coming up with ideas for the blog. So one of my intentions for 2019 is to stretch myself to be more creative and have fun with it.

Have better follow through

Speaking of bookmarking projects and then never doing them, my follow through this year wasn’t the best. I loved many of the posts I shared on my blog this year but I wanted to share so much more. The ideas were there, they just didn’t get written or photos didn’t get taken. The blog wasn’t the only place I felt like the follow through wasn’t there. 2019 will be a year of making things happen.

Stay calm and keep going

I like to think I’m a pretty calm person but I have a feeling that’s going to be tested in 2019. I’m trying to stay calm about everything that’s coming with my little girl. However I’m definitely a planner who likes to do her research ahead of time. The more I read, the more I feel like I can’t do anything except stay calm and keep going. It’s not going to be easy but I’m going into 2019 with a zen mindset.

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