20 Valentine's Date Idea Alternatives to Your Fancy Dinner Plans

Valentine's Day just snuck up on me this year. Did you even realize that it's Wednesday?!? That makes this weekend the unofficial weekend to celebrate the holiday. 

I still remember the first Valentine's day for Nick and I. We went for fancy Italian in Philly but I was a little bit annoyed that Nick made me walk on Old City's cobblestones in heels and through snow (why can't guys just tell you what you're doing so you can be prepared?!?) He recovered smoothly though, with hot cocoa and ice skating under the stars. 

The thing is, we're not much of the fancy dinner kind of people. I love a good meal, don't get me wrong. But I'd rather spend my Valentine's day doing something where we can be silly and make memories. Even though the weekend is right around the corner, not to worry. I've got 20 Valentine's date ideas that are anything but a boring dinner. 

Twenty Valentine's Date Idea Alternatives to Your Fancy Dinner Plans

1. Plan a movie marathon night (Netflix got you covered with cheesy rom coms) and grab mini pints of Ben & Jerry's and some popcorn. 

2. Go try glass blowing! It's a totally unique experience AND you have a keepsake to remember it by. Try East Falls Glassworks in Philly or Hot Sand in Asbury Park if you're in the area. 

3. Do a couples' painting night at a local painting studio. 

4. Spend the evening looking ridiculous on skates, ice or roller, dealer's choice. Mine is under the stars at Penn's Landing River Rink (plus if you're really bad, hang up the skates and hang at the Lodge). 

5. Have an indoor picnic by candlelight, no cooking required when you get takeout. 

6. Cozy up over a cup of pure hot chocolate and a box of chocolates. Local ladies try Franklin Fountain in Philly or Bent Spoon in Princeton. 

7. Go to a minor league or collegiate basketball or ice hockey game. 

8. Plan a couples' photo shoot with a local photographer or just hit up your local photo booth.

9. Challenge each other to some arcade games at a throwback arcade spot like Barcade in Philly or Jersey City. 

10. Share a flight at a local brewery. 

11. Learn something new together at a crafting class. See if your town has an arts organization or crafting studio. 

12. Set a spending limit, hit up your local Goodwill to pick out each other's outfits, then go on a fun cheap date. 

13. Do a "taste test" night - choose a type of food like wings or cheesesteaks (yea, Philly!) and then try them all. 

14. If you don't mind being in a group on Valentine's day, gather a group of friends and play the Newlywed game. 

15. Host a date night competition - each of you plans a surprise date and then you both win because, two dates!

16. Learn how to make cocktails together, either using a book or you may be able to find a cocktail making class in your area. 

17. Find a local cooking class to learn something new in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be a fancy place; our local Williams-Sonoma store offers really great classes!

18. Get your DIY on by buying a bunch of supplies or a kit and make something together. 

19. Bundle up and take a hike! Instagram heart hands pictures not required. 

20. Plan a pajama party, with your hunny or your gal pals, complete with fuzzy socks, so many snacks, and lots of party games. 

What are your Valentine's Day plans?