Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger

The question that's always kicked around in my head since I started blogging nearly eight years ago is what kind of blogger I want to be. There are many things I like to do: travel, diy projects, visit coffee shops and drink way too much caffeine. All things you can blog about, and subjects that popped up here from time to time. But nothing holds my interest the same way as fashion blogging. 

Fashion blogging or style blogging is my constant "niche". Despite trying different content, adding new content, failing at other content, creating outfits and sharing them is something I enjoy. I love how the right outfit makes you feel confident, happy, excited, ready to be the boss of your life. I love that an outfit change can change your attitude. 

Except I am a terrible fashion blogger. Despite sharing my outfits online off and on for many years, I've concluded I'm absolutely terrible at the thing I love to blog about. Here's why:

Why I'm a terrible fashion blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms

sweater: h&m, jeans: sts blue (so comfortable and I wear them ALL the time), boots: madden girl (similar)

I don't go shopping all the time. 

A real fashion blogger takes trends seriously. She shops to find the best, most coveted pieces and posts them to Instagram in real time. She doesn't hesitate to purchase that really awesome but definitely a splurge item Gucci belt. Every season she (and often a few hundred others) have that one "it" piece that will sell out.

Despite loving to shop, I don't do it nearly enough to qualify as full-fledged fashion blogger. Sometimes I hit the trends (hello, bell sleeves, my one true love). Most times I'm too busy remixing what I already own. One hundred percent of the time I'm going to share items I absolutely love. My style is more budget friendly and I actually like rewearing things. It's funny to me that some fashion bloggers are slowly starting to show how they "repurpose" a clothing item. Honey, that's what many of us do on the daily!

I'm rarely do my hair and nails. 

A real fashion blogger looks done up at all times. We're talking hair blown out with their buttercup yellow Drybar blowdryer (or even better, at an actual Drybar location). Most times the hair is curled and in wind-blown pictures, it is always perfectly windswept. Now, the nails are never too long and they're almost always painted whatever color everyone will request next. Don't forget about the pedicure because you never know when you'll be on a tropical vacation for a beauty brand. 

I never properly learned to use a curling iron or french braid my hair. I forget to make hair appointments for six months or more. My hair gets tangled in the wind but not in that cute, "I'm wild and free!" kind of way. I paint my nails regularly in shades that I love like pale pink and seafoam green. Usually they end up chipping because I'm constantly washing my hands after teaching. I am not the picture of perfection.

I'm also really bad at doing my make-up. 

A real fashion blogger knows exactly how to do her make-up so she looks flawless. We're talking primer and foundation and highlighter in all the right places. Her no-makeup makeup is slimmed down to five fabulous products that give her the dewy glow of an angel. The makeup artists at Sephora definitely know her. Or else she's receiving freebie boxes the size of a carry-on suitcase full of products from high-end cosmetic companies. 

I am so bad at doing my makeup. I don't own foundation. I wear SPF and got the easiest chubby stick of highlighter to swipe on when I want a little glow. I always lose my favorite shade of drugstore lipstick so you won't catch me shopping in Sephora any time soon. 

Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms
Why I'm a Terrible Fashion Blogger - wear she blossoms

I'm lazy about taking photos. 

A real fashion blogger has an amazing photographer that they hire. Or if not, their camera is top of the line and they seem to have somehow met the perfect Instagram husband. He gets all the best angles. They make sure to get up at the first light of day to do perfect hair and makeup. They also know all the most perfect locations with colorful murals. 

I've only worked with a photographer a few times. Instead I rely on my very own super accommodating Instagram husband. I can't say that he loves taking pictures. I love sleep, like a lot. I know I should get up and do my hair and make-up and take photos in that perfect morning light. Inevitably I wait too long and have to catch the last bit of sun or I choose the only day of the week when it rains. 

I don't want to become a full-time blogger.

A real fashion blogger is all about the end game. Her editorial calendar is on point with every quarter mapped out. Her brand pitches land her huge campaigns. Her numbers climb up, despite whatever shade the algorithm is throwing today. She'll get up at the crack of dawn and network and shake hands until last call. She's got everything in place so that one day, she can finally take this show full time. 

Let's start with the simple fact: I LOVE my actual full time job. It is not glamorous by any means. I handle at least one major meltdown a week. The hours are okay but I am 100 percent on, 100 percent of the day. I don't get to choose the time that I get to use the bathroom. But being in a classroom is the only place I want to be. There is no greater joy for me than connecting with a child. 

This blog is my hobby. It is my chance to put together an outfit that won't get a mysterious stain on it. I can wear shoes without worrying that they will get scuffed from kids stepping on them. I deeply respect the women who are working their butts off because being a blogger is their dream. It is a HARD job. It is just not the job I want. 

I think more people should do things they're terrible at. 

My numbers have been on the low side for YEARS. Just the other day I came across a blogger who asked me for advice when she was starting a few years back. She's a full time blogger working with a major shoe brand. She's managed to "perfect" something I still can't "master". Comparing us side by side, you would have to admit that I am terrible at being a fashion blogger. If some bloggers are to be believed, I have officially failed at blogging. 

We live in an age of perfectionism. Life is glamorized by the perfect photo on social media. We walk around thinking that in order for something to be worth it, we have to be the best at it.

Here's what I believe: do what makes you happy, even if you're terrible. Life is too short to compare yourself to others, to hold impossible standards, or to wait for the day that you'll wake up and it'll be easier. If you like doing it, DO IT. Just because you don't do it the same way as someone else or haven't achieved their level of success doesn't mean that it's not worthy of your time. 

I want to know: is there something that you're terrible at but you just can't quit it?