Where to Find the Best Bold Accessories and How to Style Them

Raise your hand if you're so over March. Usually March is only half bad because it starts to warm up. Instead this March looks more like January and I am over it. 

The hardest part of living in an endless winter is that it gets tiring wearing the same things over and over again. I am a serial remixer but even this girl gets tired of the same sweater/jeans combo. If I never see a pair of boots again (or at least until next October) that'll be alright with me. 

The only thing giving me any motivation to change out of leggings and a cozy tee is shopping for bold accessories. Now I've always been a fan of a standout pair of earrings or a quirky set of sunglasses. Growing up I can remember saving my babysitting money up for huge flower earrings and Jackie O statement sunglasses. 

Because I love them so much, it's always a surprise to me when someone says, "I love that on you but I could NEVER wear something like that!" I'm as much of an introvert as the next bookworm. I HATE being the center of attention (unless I'm teaching a lesson of course). But styling bold accessories is not as hard or attention-seeking as it looks. 

How to Style Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
How to Style Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
How to Style Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
How to Style Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms

coat: j.crew factory (similar), sweater: h&m (under $20!), jeans: levi's, clutch and keychain: studio diy, sunglasses: ray ban, sneakers: mia 

Start with something small.

Whenever you think of bold accessories, it conjures up images of giant earrings and bold bangles or really quirky novelty items like star-spangled sunglasses. But that isn't a good place to start when you're trying to find your "just right" statement. 

If you're a fan of delicate gold accessories, stick with something gold but go a bit bolder. Instead of small gold hoops, try a bigger dangling earring. Or instead of a simple gold bracelet, try a big cuff. 

Layer it up.

Layers are great this time of year, not just for your outfit but for your accessories too. One simple gold chain is delicate and sweet. Layering up a bunch of simple pendant necklaces in varying lengths creates a subtle statement. 

I'm also a big fan of piling it on. Whether that's a bunch of necklaces or a stack of bracelets up your arm, do not listen to the age old advice that less is more. More is always more. 

Pair patterns with bold solids. 

If you've been following my style journey for the last few years, you've probably noticed one constant accessory: my Madewell bucket bag. It's seriously the BEST bag I've ever owned and it's only getting better the more beat-up and older it gets. 

Every girl needs a versatile bag to take them through every day. But it's also fun to have fun accessories. Which is why I've been crushing on all sorts of patterned bags, like the fried egg pattern clutch from Studio DIY. 

I hesitated because patterns, especially funky, quirky ones, stand out and can be hard to style. If you're really adventurous, you can try patterned accessories with your patterned outfit. Or if you hesitate like me, then pair it with bold and bright colors. The colors will help the pattern pop in just the right way. 

Be confident and rock it. 

The most important thing you need to style a statement accessory is confidence. Choose a piece you love and wear the heck out of it. The thing about a bold accessory is that you have to find the one that works for you. Whether it's a big bold necklace or a funky little clutch, choose something and give it a try. 

So where do you shop for bold and fun accessories?

Where to Find the Best Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
Where to Find the Best Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
Where to Find the Best Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms
Where to Find the Best Bold Accessories - wear she blossoms

Studio DIY

My love for Kelly and her blog, Studio DIY, is well-documented. Kelly is not one to shy away from bright and bold and fun. My clutch is from her Can't Clutch This subscription service and I'm in love. For less than $20 a month, you get a fun clutch delivered right to your door. They're all bold and funky and definitely fun. They're also very high quality for the price point. Also in Studio DIY's online shop are other accessories like tassel and pompom earrings and rainbow bangles. 

Bauble Bar

You probably already know about the online jewelry mecca Bauble Bar, but if not, you're going to love it. Bauble Bar takes bold to the next level with statement earrings, necklaces, and stacks of necklaces. You can also get understated gems too, but who needs that? 

While I'll admit that sometimes their price point is a bit high for me, wait it out for one of their sales. I recently got a pair of starburst dangling earrings for almost 70% off.


Ban.do's motto is basically to have fun and they tell that story with every piece of apparel, accessory, and house good on their site. Their circle bags are the perfect way to buy into this season's trend. They've also got funky and fun phone cases. They're the perfect little way to express yourself in a bold way. And what other accessory/essential do you use more than your phone?


If you're looking for something unique and handcrafted to add to your outfit, what better place to look than Etsy? Of course, the only downfall is there are tons of artisans and choices. But that is also a huge positive of searching on Etsy. 

What's your favorite bold accessory to add to your outfit?


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