My Favorite Places to Shop For Affordable Jeans

If there's one thing I wear in my closet more than anything else, it would have to be my jeans. I'm quick to caption lots of things on Instagram as my "go-to" but denim is definitely it (sometimes you've got to stretch the truth a bit for the 'gram, am I right?). 

While there are tons of outfit posts on Wear She Blossoms featuring my favorite pairs, I rarely talk about them. For me, jeans are the perfect background noise and an excellent compliment. They are the glue that holds everything together. But today, I figured I'd give them their rightful spotlight. 

I'm not going to lie and say that shopping for jeans is my favorite activity. Essential, yes. Easy, no. There are so many styles to choose from: dark vs. light, skinny vs. flare, cropped vs. tailored, holes vs. more holes (at least that's how I saw it when I went jeans shopping a few weeks ago!). 

The other issue is price. I can't argue with other bloggers who feature expensive denim: it really does the trick. It fits well and looks amazing but, you guys, the price. There are so many other things I want to spend money on and there are plenty of place to find perfect, affordable jeans. 

My favorite places to shop for Affordable Jeans

My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms
My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms
My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms
My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms
My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms
My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Jeans - wear she blossoms

jeans: sts blue, shirt: old forever 21 (similar and my other favorite), shoes: target (similar), sunglasses: similar, earrings: baublebar, clutch: studio diy, keychain: taylor elliot designs


One of my favorite places to shop for great-looking inexpensive denim is Target. Of course, because Target has everything. Denim that I buy at Target always receives compliments. They have a whole range of sizes, cuts, and washes so you're guaranteed to find something that works for you. 

I find that regularly perusing Target's clothing section will lead to discovering really amazing one-off styles, like skinny girlfriend jeans or today's popular wide-leg cropped jeans. That takes some work. 


You're probably thinking, I thought we were talking where to find inexpensive denim?!? Now hear me out: while Nordstrom carries all your high-end denim, it also has a great selection of affordable styles too. 

These favorite high-waisted button fly jeans are STS Blue and are so comfortable and under $100. I picked them up during one of the Nordstrom Half Yearly sales so they were even more affordable. Other favorite affordable brands at Nordstrom include Topshop, Levi's, and Bp.

Nordstrom Rack

Have a taste for expensive denim but not the wallet to support it? Then find yourself a Nordstrom Rack, or head online. You know I'm in love with Nordstrom Rack and I'm always blown away by their selection of denim at affordable prices. You can find Paige Denim and Citizens of Humanity and the favorite from my high school days, 7 for All Mankind. Usually they're close to or just below the $100 price point. 

A word of caution: you can't go to Nordstrom Rack with a specific jean brand or type in mind. It's still an outlet so nothing's guaranteed. It might take some return visits but you'll definitely find a good deal. 

Abercrombie and Fitch

Another one of those "hear me out!" recommendations: Abercrombie has affordable denim, if you know how to look. I don't know what they're doing there lately but I'm finding so many good things on their site and in stores. There are usually some sort of sale on their website. If you're good at digging and hunting, taking a few minutes to sort through their sale denim will yield some great finds like distressed boyfriend jeans or raw edge skinny jeans. 

And then my hit-or-miss favorite: outlet stores

Specifically Levi's, Lucky Brand, and J.Crew Factory.

I'm lucky to live close to several outlet areas (woohoo perks of that Jersey life) so I regularly shop at outlets to stick to my budget. Whenever I'm in search of new jeans, I usually try to see what the outlets have. Lucky Brand generally has the same styles as the stores but Levi's and J.Crew Factory usually have styles specific to their outlet stores. Even if you're not near outlets, J.Crew Factory is easy to shop online. 

The great part about this is that the denim is (usually) the same quality as the full-price stores and they're more size inclusive. You may even get lucky and stumble upon a style of jean you really love from the big stores tucked away in the outlets! 

Where would do I avoid when shopping for inexpensive denim?

A quick disclaimer: this is all based on personal preference! The places I tend to avoid when I'm shopping for inexpensive denim are a lot of the fast fashion spots. H&M has very funky sizing when you've got long legs and above a size 27. Old Navy used to be king when it came to affordable jeans but every time I shop I find the quality of the jeans is just not quite there. Though not fast fashion, American Eagle is where a lot of people go for inexpensive jeans but I've never had any lucky there. Lately I'm finding they're too trendy, a.k.a. holes in places where there shouldn't be holes. Or am I just getting to be too old?

And now we go shopping!

I hope this helps you when you're shopping for your next pair of jeans, your closet staple and best friend. And even though I know where to go shopping for jeans, it's still a wing and prayer to find the perfect ones. But with patience and luck, that perfect affordable pair of jeans is out there.