Sunday Letter, No. 1

It's Sunday night and I decided tonight is the night to start a new series. The intention today was to get this post going earlier today, when I was fresh and ready. However, I woke up with a massive headache that I couldn't shake until about an hour ago. Needless to say, not the productive Sunday I was craving. 

Rarely do I get a chance to write and publish a post in one day. Between work and life and getting way too distracted for my own good, I usually write then schedule posts. But I wanted to try something new for the rest of the year. 

Usually on Sundays we take things slow around here. Sometimes I'll make breakfast, usually pancakes made from Trader Joe's delicious baking mix. We'll stream some show on Netflix or I'll catch up on my favorite blogs. We might meal plan and talk about the week coming up. Sundays are slow and easy. Which is why I wanted to start writing a Sunday Letter.

Sunday Letter, vol. 1

What's a Sunday Letter?

It's my chance to share some thoughts on life, like a real letter. Anyone else grow up sending snail mail back and forth with their friends? When we would go away to camp in the summer, my friends and I would write short letters about what we were doing at camp and all the secrets we couldn't wait until the end of the summer to tell. 

I want my Sunday Letter to share with you some thoughts and, hopefully, you'll write me back. Something I want to do more of on here is be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is hard for me. 

I got into blogging to share. Share outfits to inspire you, share places I find to get you out of the house, share tips to help you "blossom" into the best version of yourself. I don't mind sharing some stories too, to go along with whatever I'm sharing. 

What I'm not good about sharing is real stuff going on in my life. Like how I'm struggling to love my job, because I know I love it in the end, but it's stressing me out big time. Like how there's a pressure to become a mom when I'm not sure if that's where my life is going. 

It's hard to be vulnerable when you struggle with the balance between privacy and blogging. 

Part of me wants to keep the messy parts private because I'm a type A perfectionist. I'm a lazy type A most times but I like everything to look and feel perfect. I plan and plan and plan. It's hard for me to reveal that there are tons of bad days where I don't feel like I have the answer to anything. I honestly don't feel like I'm fooling anyone into believing my life is perfect but I want to make it look as good as possible. 

Part of me keeps things private because of my role in my community. Teachers are constantly warned to be cautious about what they post online. Which makes sense because kids will find and exploit anything. While I'm not sharing anything terribly interesting to them on here, I don't want to splash my personal life everywhere. 

Being vulnerable is all about balance. 

I really feel that being vulnerable is sharing stories so that we know we're not alone. It's sharing the things that make a connection.

But I also believe that some things are meant to be private. There are too many things online that maybe, probably, should not be on here. If it's not my story alone or something that I just don't want to share, it's going to stay private. 

All of this to say, let's meet every once in awhile to chat. 

Sundays are a good day for pancakes, reading, and chatting. I'm excited to share more and deeper stories. To make more connections with you. To use our stories to help us blossom. And as always to share things to help you blossom. 

And last but not least, I'll share a few things I'm loving each week, in case you're looking for something to get your week started right:

I just finished listening to the podcast Dear Franklin Jones. It's the story of popular guru/cult leader Franklin Jones, told and researched by Jonathan Hirsch. Hirsch grew up with his parents following Jones and eventually he did too. It's an interesting look into the how, why, and who when it comes to cults. If you've watched Wild, Wild Country on Netflix and enjoyed it, check out this podcast. 

Another thing I've been listening to is Kacey Musgrave's new album Golden HourPerfect music to get you in the mood for spring and driving with the windows down. 

As always, I'm late to the party and just started watching The Sopranos. Though it's not "my New Jersey" but I also see so much of the New Jersey I know from my childhood. From the fashion to the food to the accents, it's definitely a flashback.