The "Anti" Capsule Wardrobe Way to Outfit Plan

This week has me feeling all sorts of fresh and new. Thanks to having a few days off for spring break, temperatures making their way to the mid-fifties, and getting my closet under control, I'm a new woman. If you're jealous, check in by week's end and I'll probably be my usual frazzled self. But for right now I'm feeling good. 

One of the things contributing to my feeling of "freshness" is getting all sorts of excited about my clothes. Nope, didn't purchase anything new (yet) for spring. In fact, I ended up getting rid of a fair amount of clothes last week during my spring closet clean out

My newfound excitement for my clothes is what I like to call my "anti" capsule wardrobe approach to outfit planning. 

First, what is a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe phenomenon popped up a few years back and has been a part of the conversation about clothing and minimalism ever since. The idea is that, every season, you choose a select amount of clothes from your current closet. You can also go shopping, too. You restrict yourself to maybe 20 pieces including jackets and shoes. Throughout the season you remix those pieces over and over again without buying or adding anything new. It's a simple and minimal approach to outfit planning.

There are many reasons you might subscribe to the capsule wardrobe trend. If you're on a budget and can't or don't want to spend money on new clothes, a capsule wardrobe can help. If you like to challenge yourself with some closet creativity, a capsule wardrobe might be what you need. If you're hopping on the minimalism trend, a capsule wardrobe is definitely minimal. A capsule wardrobe is great for your creativity and budget. 

Despite thinking capsule wardrobes are really amazing, I am firmly in the anti capsule wardrobe camp. Surprising, yes, since I love a good challenge and I'm always on a budget. 

make outfit planning easy with the "anti" capsule wardrobe. 

The capsule wardrobe is based on the idea that you're limiting yourself to a certain wardrobe by the season or another time period. The anti capsule wardrobe way is to shape your idea about clothes and your closet and outfit planning in a different way. 

How to Plan Your Outfits Without Doing a Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How to Plan Your Outfits Without Doing a Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How to Plan Your Outfits Without Doing a Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How to Plan Your Outfits Without Doing a Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms
How to Plan Your Outfits Without Doing a Capsule Wardrobe - wear she blossoms

sweatshirt: aerie, pants: target (similar), sneakers: mia, earrings: baublebar, sunglasses: ray ban

Don't shop by season; shop by coordinating. 

I've been budgeting my whole life and have never once said, OMG it's a new season and it's time to shop! I don't know a single girl (besides fashion bloggers) who say this. Instead, focus on finding items that speak to your personal style. Items purchased thoughtfully that you absolutely love will blend seamlessly into your closet. 

Lately I have been feeling every single thing that's pink. It goes really well with the shades of blue I've been obsessed with for years. And I always feel happy and good when I'm wearing pink. Then it makes it easy to get extra wear out of these snazzy (yes, I said snazzy) hot pink dress pants. They not only make me happy but they work with at least 3 things in my closet and are so comfy. It would be a shame if I could only wear them once a week!

Live your life in layers. 

If you're not wearing a million layers, what are you doing with your life? That may be an exaggeration but honestly, layering gives me and my wardrobe life. Whether it's a cardigan over a tee or a pullover on top of a button down or leggings under a dress, layering adds so much to your daily outfits. 

View your wardrobe across seasons.

Between layering and coordinating, you should emerge with a wardrobe that works regardless of the season. I think that's why I'm anti capsule wardrobe; it's based off the principle that you need a different set of clothes for each season. 

In my opinion, a good closet spans that seasons. You should have tops, bottoms, and layering pieces that work all year round. Of course, you're not going to wear a wool sweater in the heat of July, but you get the idea. If you shop for pieces that can be layered and coordinate with what you already own, you're going to have the versatile closet of your dreams. Right now I'm having visions of Cher Horowitz's closet and it's the best. 

Tell me: have you ever done a capsule wardrobe?