Sunday Letter, Vol. 2

It's not your typical Sunday: it's Mother's Day! This morning Nick and I are doing breakfast and some Philly adventures with my mother-in-law. Later, we'll do dinner with my mom. It makes me so happy that we are close enough that we can celebrate both of our moms. 

I consider moms to be the ultimate teachers. Through their actions, words, and love, they help shape us into the people we become. Not too much pressure, right?

My mom is pretty darn amazing. Growing up, she cooked us a homemade dinner every single night, encouraged us to pursue the things we were passionate about, and was a #girlboss with her own small business before it was a thing. 

Sunday Letter, Vol. 2: I got it from my mama - wear she blossoms

Despite being a superstar, she taught me it's okay to not be perfect.

I've always struggled with perfectionist, in a classic oldest child fashion. I always want to do the most, be the best, and never, ever be wrong. It was hard for me to do things when I wasn't sure of the outcome or if everything would be "perfect". 

My mom showed me that getting started is better than being perfect. By starting her own women's clothing store when I was a newborn, she showed me that you can create a life you want. Even though it was probably really hard to run a full-fledged business and raise two kids, she did it. She managed people, chose merchandise, and created a store that people loved. She gave us a front row seat since we spent many, many hours in the store. 

When my mom closed her business, she showed me that it's okay to start over. That it doesn't matter that things aren't perfect forever and ever; you can move on. Watching my mom make a change and not looking back encouraged me to conquer my fear of failure and become a teacher. 

I am so thankful to have a mom like mine to teach me to go for it. Whenever I become a mom, I hope that I can show my children that it's okay to not be perfect, to take risks, and to start over. 

And now for some things I'm loving...

If we're friends in real life (or even online friends) then you've probably gotten an earful about the new podcast Inside Trader Joe's. I am OBSESSED. It's hosted by two Trader Joe's marketing VPs and discusses everything from the company's beliefs, product hits and misses, and all sorts of insider secrets. Also, in case you missed it, I shared four of my favorite Trader Joe's beauty products. God bless Trader Joe's. 

Target, you beautiful shopping black hole. Right now their A New Day brand tank tops are on sale, 2 for $10. They're soft, comfortable, and come in so many colors. Go stock up! 

Blog newsletters are really tricky. They can be spammy urging you to buy their latest product. They can be just round-up of their latest blog post. But one newsletter I always look forward to is the newsletter from Grace Atwood of The Stripe. It's twice weekly and shares her blog posts (which are always on point and relatable) and various things from around the internet and life that are so darn useful. If you're not subscribed already, I highly recommend it!